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What To Do First to Make a Profit

The PF Women Team at our Annual Team Retreat  ~ 2018 Today on Seth Godin's blog, he said: It's tempting to decide to make a profit first, then invest in training, people, facilities, promotion, customer service and most of all, doing important work. In general, though, it goes the other way. Yes, it does. If you are waiting to make a profit before you do these things, in my experience you're  not going to make a profit. So many organizations, ministries and churches are struggling with financial issues. I know your pain. As anyone who follows our story knows, our ministry was in a ton of debt four years ago when I came on as director.  Since that time, we've gotten out of debt and turned a profit every year.  God has done amazing things through out team, for which we give Him the glory! I find that what Seth is saying here is absolutely true, with one disclaimer. For Christian leaders, spiritual disciplines must always be first. Before we started inve

What's Happening Now

Today I'm blogging at the Pastoring Partners Network on the subject, "Where Can A Lonely Pastor's Wife Go?"  It's no secret, I'm a lih-tle crazzzzzy about pastors' wives, cause I am one, and I know the road they walk. It's my desire to be an encouragement and a blessing to those who serve. If you're among this fantastic group of human beings on the planet, check out my post there today. Today is my day off and I'm taking it. There are so many projects on the burner right now, but I need this time to rest. Tomorrow's another day to JUGGLE! Speaking of JUGGLE ... (did you think you were going to get away with a post without me referencing JUGGLE ?) remember that I'm giving a coaching package away. All you have to do is spread the word about JUGGLE -- a great resource to help you manage your time and change your life! I'm humbled and amazed at how God is using JUGGLE to help others. It all happens by word of mouth. When I

5 Miracles in 1 Week!

I got my miracle this morning! And I've made my decision! I'll start at the good a place as any to start.  Last week JUGGLE launched. I was so excited. I've been busy keeping up with that, getting the word out and answering a lot of correspondence. I also have church ministry to keep up with full time as well as my coaching job part time. In the midst of all that I went to have my yearly physical. I have been experiencing some troubling symptoms and as some of my regular readers might remember I sometimes struggle with elevated blood pressure. I've lost about 15 pounds the past 6 months but I need to lose more and am still working on it. Being that I'm in my 40's now, it comes off a looooooot slower. :)  Wednesday when meeting with my doctor, she was concerned about two things. First, she found a spot on my skin I hadn't even noticed before. She said it needed to be biopsied asap. She also checked my heart and said it didn't sound

I'm Ready for a Miracle

Is it easier for you to believe for miracles for others, rather than for yourself? Yeah, me too. Dang...why is that? I've laid hands on people who were crippled from birth and seen them instantly healed and run around.  I've seen an amazing amount of supernatural things happen when I pray and believe for friends or strangers. Yet when I need something it's so hard to believe sometimes. This week I have been in need of three specific, big miracles. Two have been granted. Boom, boom! Just like THAT. God took care of it. I need another one on Thursday morning. This seems the most challenging of the three. I'm desperate. I have been praying for wisdom as to a decision I have had to make. I must deliver that decision on Friday. But I can't make the decision without peace unless a miracle is first granted on Thursday morning. So much depends on this. A lot of people who read my blog care even without all the details and I love you for that. This is huge f

When God Wants You to STOP

I've always been a worker. I'll attack any job with the tenacity of a bulldog. Here I am pictured above, holding a pig's head. What in tarnation am I doing with a pigs head? As you can see in the photo I'm wearing gloves. I was picking an entire roasted pig that was cooked for a church event, and then deboning it so people could eat it for our latin festival. I didn't mind this job at all. I've never been afraid of any kind of work. I'm as comfortable picking a pig as I am preaching and praying. Some friends of mine used to tease that they think I came out of the womb with a briefcase in one hand and a microphone in the other. I'd say, add a dishrag or a mop to that and it might be about right. I work on cleaning my house or doing odd jobs at the church as much as anything else. Being a worker bee to the 'nth degree, it's sometimes hard for me to not place all my trust in my ability to work, instead of looking to God. I'll be honest

Oops, did I miss a day of blogging?

No. I am blogging just a few hours late for Monday... Some major things came up. Ever had a day like that?  Yeah, I know you understand. Once 9 pm hit, I decided to let go of everything and watch a movie with Jordan. For years I've been begging him to watch Schindler's List with me. The answer's always been no, until today. He surprised me by getting the movie and asking. So today was THE day. We snuggled up with the dogs on the couch and watched it. Although it was intense, it was just the break I needed. This week, a plethora of things have arisen...unbelievable things both great and terrible. I hardly know what to think sometimes about this crazy life I'm living. All I can say right now is, I need God to show up. Thanks for your prayers. Oh, you hear I'm giving away a coaching package?

Weekend Potpourri:
Trusting Through the Storm...

Right now we're waiting on hurricane Isaac to get to Tampa. Reports keep conflicting one another and I'm not sure whether he's going to arrive tonight or tomorrow. Either way, I'm not worried. I've been through this before, and I have trust in the Lord. Even if the worst would happen, I still have trust in the Lord. We have enough food to make it through the storm, and we've got the sandbags laid out, and we're prepared to be shut in for a while. Ultimately even with all that ~ I trust.  I've been through so many storms in life. Bad storms. I've been through way worse emotional storms than tropical ones. I am thinking compared to everything else I've weathered, Isaac should be a piece of cake. And, we do appreciate your prayers. By the way, JUGGLE is at #11 today in it's category on Amazon! This weekend it's fluctuated between 8 to 14. Thanks to my friends who are spreading the word and keeping it up there. I am still pinch

How Do Ideas Spread?

How exactly do books become popular and make the best sellers list?  It's so easy -- much easier than you might think. I want to show you the perfect example of how this works. The following is an example of someone who did this just this morning and is now entered into the JUGGLE job coaching drawing.  Friends read books because friends recommend them. And then, they pass the recommendation on to others. This is how it works!  I need your help to make it possible for JUGGLE to help a lot of people, and in the process you might just win a coaching package!  Thanks for your continued support, helping me to get the word out about 10 principles that, when followed, can greatly change people's lives. Much love,  

Win a Career Coaching Package!

Okay my friends, this is big! I'm personally offering a prize of a coaching package which will include the following: 1 Hour Career Direction Consultation 1 Hour Resume Consultation/Rewrite  This package is valued at $300.  The winner can also choose to modify the package, making it a 2 hour career direction package, or a 2 hour resume package. It can be used for you, or any friend/family member you choose.  It is virtual, meaning I will be doing the consultation by phone and computer -- and this means ANYONE ANYWHERE CAN WIN!! How do you enter? Starting today, your name goes in the drawing EACH AND EVERY TIME   you announce JUGGLE (Manage Your Time, Change Your Life!) on Facebook, Twitter or your personal blog and encourage people to get the book. Along with each announcement/advertisement, you must include the address of the Juggle website , or the Juggle page on Amazon. Each time you talk about JUGGLE in any one of these places, send me a private e-mai

What Are You Waiting For?

We all have our dream... our version of the perfect life. The perfect situation. The perfect time. Actually the place I ate lunch at today was pretty well close to perfection. It's pictured above in this photo I took with my phone. I was at a district women's leadership meeting all day and we were treated to lunch at this place called Lavender & Lace. It was perfection but most things in life are not. And if I looked closely enough I'd probably find something out of place at Lavender and Lace. (Yeah, that sounded kind of Dr. Suess-ish) Are you always waiting for the perfect time to do something? Do you wait because things aren't "just so"?  That's a shame because they never will be, until heaven. If you struggle with perfectionist tendencies, it's hard for you to let go and just do whatever it is you're supposed to do. But we need you to do what you're supposed to do! When I'm writing something, it's never good

How to Get on a Best Sellers List

You might be surprised. What do I believe the main ingredient is? [Wait for it...] Have amazing friends. I'm serious. Okay, how?  1) Reach out to people 2) Help them however you can 3) Care (Those are just three ways that have worked for me in developing relationships both on/offline.) In preparation to release JUGGLE , I put together a launch team.  Let it be known...these people are basically the best thing since sliced bread, sliced tomatoes, or well...anything sliced, diced, smothered, covered or chopped. Can you tell I'm hungry? I'm thinking about Waffle House. Seriously, these folks are awesomesauce. JUGGLE is my original work (minus the quotes) yet I wasn't alone while I completed it. I did it with a team of friends. I asked 40 friends from different backgrounds and perspectives to help me with reviewing, editing and launching JUGGLE. I was amazed at the response. “Absolutely!” they said.   “Anything for you!”

JUGGLE is here!
Manage Your Time...Change Your Life!

We have a book! And a website! JUGGLE (Manage Your Time...Change Your Life!) is available NOW.  To find out everything you could ever want to know about it, go here.   And to cut to the chase and buy it this second if you just can't wait any longer, go here. This is the next best thing to having me live in front of you giving you life coaching on time management.  Don't just take my word for it. A lot of people think you need to read this.  Many people have already experienced fantastic changes in their lives through reading it. I'm super excited about that!!  Look at the reviews already on Amazon (Fourteen 5 star reviews as of last night!) and read the endorsements that have already come in. I believe JUGGLE will be a great blessing to you. That's why I wrote it.  More than anything, I want to help people, and JUGGLE is just one more opportunity to do that. The book is available on Kindle, but you don't need a Kindle to read it. You can read it o

Miracles Evidently Take Time

It's going to take more time. I thought two days was more than enough time to publish a book and website, both of which were thoroughly ready to go. Apparently I was really naive.  Either I'm naive, or the enemy really hates me that much, Maybe it's a little of both.  All I know is that normally Sunday evenings are a quiet time when I can get a tremendous amount of work done in peace. Rarely do I have a stressful Sunday night, and I'm telling you, last night was one of the most distracting and difficult nights I've had in a long time. Stuff came out of left field that I never expected, but I think I know where it truly came from... While fielding constant interruptions of the stressful kind, my husband and I stayed up almost all night, trying to upload and publish. I sent a prayer request on our church Facebook site after midnight for anyone who was still up, asking to pray for us. Our dear friend, John Torres, highly experienced in IT, took it upon himself

Weekend Potpourri
Only 2 More Days...

The e-book release is almost here. And, Happy Sunday!  I'm exhausted and it's just starting!  I'm not complaining, simply describing my state of body and mind.  I have been going non-stop getting things ready for the release of the e-book on Tuesday. Are you ready???  All you have to do is click a button and start reading. Me on the other hand...well, I've got a lot more than that to do right now. Maybe you're wondering, "what more can she possibly have to do?" And if so, you've probably never written a book. :) My day today will be filled with rehearsals and services and loving on church folks and first time guests and all that good stuff...and then I'll come home to work on the book release again. I'm also posting on Lost Daughters again today. Have you figured out yet that I love this?  Much love,  

YES, This Can Be YOUR Reality!!!

What would your life be like if you managed your time so well you had the time to do what you really WANT to do, not just what you HAVE to do? What would it be like rest well at night, without worrying about how you're going to get everything done the next day? What would it be like to be free to enjoy your time off because your other tasks have already been taken care of well in advance?   What would it be like to have more time than just weekends to do something you want to do?   What would it be like to actually have some time each day to do what you really want to do? What would it be like to have all the information you need to accomplish this for less than the price of an average value meal at a fast food restaurant? What would it be like to live in freedom, unafraid that things are slipping through the cracks?  It’s possible. This is exactly what my new e-book is about and it's set to release this Tuesday, August 21.   The book is called JUGGLE (M

5 Ways to End Up Right Where You're At

1) Base everything you do on what you've seen so far. If you haven't seen it modeled by other people, it must not exist. 2) Don't read too much.  Be glad that your last reading assignment was in high school or college. 3) Resist feedback. It's uncomfortable. Whatever you do, don't go asking for it. 4) Value comfort above everything else. 5) Don't get quiet. Surround yourself with noise as much as possible, giving yourself little room for solitude or creativity. Do these five things, my friends, for a 100% guarantee of stagnation! One is enough to get you on a downward spiral but if you do all five combined it's a sure-fire recipe to get stuck and stay there.  

Terrifying Words: "We Have Your Son..."

Just prior to last night's service at Celebration, my friend Candy Rivera received a phone call on her cell phone.  A man's voice, a stranger on the other end of the line, told her that her son, Eddie Jr. and our son Jordan (best friends) had been abducted. He told her that the boys would be killed unless a certain amount of money was immediately provided for ransom. Candy frantically ran up to the church office building where my husband was and asked him, "where is Jordan?" Larry responded that Jordan was at scuba class. (Jordan rarely if ever misses church but last night was his mandatory test for scuba certification.)  They had assumed their son was getting ready to come over to the church. Candy and Eddie Sr. made calls to try to reach Eddie Jr. and my husband called to get ahold of Jordan. They finally reached them. Both of the boys were fine. Jordan was at class taking his test and Eddie Jr. was on the way to the church service.  They asked both boys ques

10 Reasons Why Dating Stinks for the Church

I begin this post by giving a disclaimer that it's not about anyone specific at the church where I serve as a pastor.  If you're among the many people at Celebration Church who have recently experienced a breakup, this isn't about you personally.  I could have waited to write this post until no one at Celebration is breaking up but the truth is, if that was the case I'd never write the post. Breakups happen in our church body all the time. I'm sure it happens at your church too. So let's unpack this issue that all of us who are Christians and a part of a local church, face. Dating stinks for the church. It's only a win if the people actually get married, and well...let me ask you...did you marry the one and only person you ever dated? A few of you will be able to say yes to this question. For most, the answer will be no. And in some cases, it's not a win for them or the church if they get married but aren't really right for each other but ge

Do What You're Fearing

So I've been putting something off since December 1, 2011. Because I fear it. Plain and simple, I fear it. So today I got sick of that, and took a major step toward what I fear. Now you're going to think this is crazy, perhaps. And that's okay. But afterwards, I decided out of curiosity to immediately get up and go take my blood pressure. This was about an hour  after taking a step to do the thing I feared - that which I have been procrastinating about since December 1, 2011. Amazingly it was significantly lower than before. Much lower. So I'm thinking, how much better off would I have been to just take steps toward this dreaded thing nine months ago? How unwise was this to put this thing off? I'm not saying my blood pressure would be perfect or even normal every time just by doing that. But how has this dread of the unknown affected me? Lesson learned. Glean from my mistake, my friends. Fearing and dreading the unknown is not good for us. God will

Lost Daughters & Me

Last month I wrote my very first adoption related post here on my blog, and said it would probably be my first and last. I was aware of the controversy it would probably bring, as well as the hurtful feelings that would result if those who are not adoptees rose up to disagree.  Although everyone wasn't totally happy, the positive response was overwhelming. I received a lot of private mail that was encouraging, and it outweighed the negative reactions. A few people literally begged me to write more. I wrote a follow up post here , about what I planned to do next. After prayer and consideration, I know I am supposed to start a separate blog about adoption, in addition to writing here at  I am working on this new blog (though it is not live yet), as well as launching a Tampa support group for adult adoptees. However, I believe the best way for me to get my feet wet as I start the blog and support group is to begin by joining others. I need to learn, grow an

Weekend Mini-Potpourri

A friend of mine has been making a lot of these cards lately, for fun. I tried my hand at it last night and made a few. This one is one of my favorites. Enjoy it and feel free to use it. Some of my pw friends are finding it quite amusing. I'm calling this a weekend mini potpourri as opposed to my standard weekend potpourri because sharing beyond this little cartoon probably isn't best at the moment. I  have something special and fit for public consumption to share tomorrow, so be watching. Much love,

Thinking About Nothing and Random Restroom Graffiti

I didn't think about all that much this week. That's major for me. I'm a thinker. Always deeply introspective and running along to do something about whatever develops in my head. But this week, I said no. I didn't work on my upcoming book release. I didn't solve church problems. I didn't work on projects. I didn't do anything but float in the ocean or a pool, and zone out, humming along to Jimmy Buffet songs that played over loudspeakers. I also sat in the sand and read a fiction book that I thought had nothing to do with my life, but in the end I was wrong.   I also realized this week that other people have moments where they don't think. They just say or write the first random thing that comes to mind. And it's kinda fun. Today on the way home from vacation we stopped in Port Orange at Famous Philly's Sports Pub for lunch. (It was amazing!) My husband went into the men's room and while he was in there he noticed some graffiti

Maybe Fiction Isn't a Waste After All...

I've often wondered why people read fiction. I can count the number of fiction books I've read in my adult life on one hand. My reading appetite has always been a steady stream of non-fiction with a heavy emphasis on spirituality, self-help, biographies and cooking. Anything else has always felt like a waste of time -- something that wouldn't really apply to my life. Being the consummate time manager, my goals always center on something meaningful that I can use in everyday life. Fiction to me, has always felt like an escape. My thought has been,"If I need to escape my life, I'll just read something that can help me get rid of whatever is so sucky it's making me want to escape my life..." And that's pretty much how I lived until last year when my friend Rich Tatum was talking to me about reading fiction. He encouraged me very strongly that I needed to start reading it. Rich says that for me to go to the next level as a writer  I need to read

What To Do When You're Not Moving Ahead

Maybe you’ve tried to accomplish something and months or years later, you find yourself at the same spot in life, with little progress.  Today I’m going to give you some advice that sounds so simple.And it is, yet it’s a major key. Listen to your “shoulds” -- not the ones other people tell you as in, you should do this and you should do that.  Those can be super dangerous. Listen to your own shoulds that come not from guilt but the desire of your heart. Pick just ONE should. Then let nothing stand in the way. I have heard hundreds, maybe even thousands of people say, “You know, I should write a book.”     Rare is the person who ever follows through and does this. This is because it’s not easy to write a book, even for people who love to write.  This extends to anything, not just writing.  “I should lose some weight...” “I should look for another job…” “I should go back to school…”     These are all worthy goals. Yet most of the people who say the

What Do Billy Joel & Revival Have in Common?

  Honesty is such a lonely word. Everyone is so untrue. Honesty is hardly ever heard. And mostly what I need from you. I can always find someone to say they sympathize. If I wear my heart out on my sleeve. But I don't want some pretty face to tell me pretty lies. All I want is someone to believe.  ~Billy Joel What would happen if every Christian were committed to live in radical truth? Truth when it hurts, truth. Truth when you might lose the job, truth. Truth when you might lose the contract, truth. Truth when it's embarrassing truth. Truth when you're uncomfortable truth. Truth when you're point blank asked and truth is the last thing you want to give truth. If we want the world to pay attention...maybe we should start by telling the truth. Those who serve in ministry or have grown up in church have probably heard thousands of sermons. Many of them, we don't remember. A few we never forget. Years ago on a Wednesda