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What Communicators Can Learn From Donald Trump
(You Can Learn Something from Everyone!)

“What is the fascination with Donald Trump?   I don’t get it.   I’m stumped about what people – especially Christians, see in him, and why so many are following him.” I see a variation of this statement on Facebook at least once a day.    Donald Trump isn’t my candidate.   My choice has already dropped out . This post isn't about my choice for president , for quite f rankly I'm undecided .    Many say it's going to come down to the lesser of two evils, come November 8. I don't believe that. I believe what we will eventually be faced with is the evil of two lessers. But I digress... The goal of this post is to not to promote anyone. I want to share my thoughts on the fascination factor as well as give those who preach, as well as anyone who communicates publicly -- something to think about.  I'm a firm believer, we can learn something from every person and every conversation. The le ssons from Trump are rich, pun intended. There are two re