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What To Do First to Make a Profit

The PF Women Team at our Annual Team Retreat  ~ 2018 Today on Seth Godin's blog, he said: It's tempting to decide to make a profit first, then invest in training, people, facilities, promotion, customer service and most of all, doing important work. In general, though, it goes the other way. Yes, it does. If you are waiting to make a profit before you do these things, in my experience you're  not going to make a profit. So many organizations, ministries and churches are struggling with financial issues. I know your pain. As anyone who follows our story knows, our ministry was in a ton of debt four years ago when I came on as director.  Since that time, we've gotten out of debt and turned a profit every year.  God has done amazing things through out team, for which we give Him the glory! I find that what Seth is saying here is absolutely true, with one disclaimer. For Christian leaders, spiritual disciplines must always be first. Before we started inve

A blessed day

It was a good day in the house today at Northside. Among many other things, today they began announcing Pastor Appreciation month for Larry and I! As they have done the past few years, they had us go out of the service at a certain point and shared a "plan" with the congregation. Adam went outside with us and we had a good time out there talking as usual. Bernie said some heartfelt things as always. We are blessed, so blessed. I never lose the gratefulness I have in that regard. I wake up everyday and thank God for my life and all the special people in it. I felt it was a good service this a.m. as far as how everything else went and we went to lunch with Pastor Aaron & Hannah...always a delight to be with them. The boys went to a few concerts today and Morgan came home with us for the afternoon. The girls were good as gold. I came home and took an hour and a half nap and then got up to work on the house for Bridges (home fellowship group) but they had cleaned the bathroom

Opportunity for Giving

through my Virtuous Woman Offering

I recently realized I was completely missing out on a new opportunity ministry yet untapped. Apparently one woman preacher is taking a "Threshing Floor" offering for her ministry and yet another an "Atonement Offering" for hers. I realized, I - Pastor Deanna Shrodes - am missing out. And so are you. Why are we both missing out? Because all of YOU are my dear friends, and I am keeping you from this great blessing in your connection with ME!!! And that is why, my friends, I am giving all of YOU who read my blog an opportunity to give in MY Virtuous Woman offering. This, my friends, is a Proverbs 31 offering. I have quite a few men who read my blog and let me say, God is not leaving you out. No, no, no. For you see, when the Holy Ghost is in charge, even a man can have a Proverbs 31 blessing. So just get ready because I'm getting ready to share something with you that is going to change your life. Touch your neighbor right now and say, "'s ti

My friend with benefits

The other day I was cleaning house and watching an Oprah program from earlier this week that I Tivo'd. I have to confess, I'm shocked at some of the behavior from grown women...supposedly educated, intelligent, wise grown women. I don't agree with a lot of what Oprah says. She is certainly a role model as far as weight loss. She looks just great and is to be admired for her accomplishment. She is an incredible giver to many worthy causes and honestly she's just a very likeable person. However, she's also off base spiritually about many things and very humanistic. On the other hand, she's also the most powerful woman in television with a viewership that no one else can claim and if somebody has a pulse on where women are at today - it's her. So I often listen to get a clue as to how other women are thinking. I pastor women and I need to know these things and quite frankly much of the time it scares me to death. It doesn't surprise me that teens or twenty

I just love pastors...everyday, normal...(as normal can be...) pastors.

Why do we really need anybody famous to look to in ministry? What is the purpose of famous people? This is my question. My husband often says, "the word is still out as to whether Christian TV is a blessing to the body of Christ." Realize, sometimes Larry is on Christian TV, but he still feels that way. He says the pastor used to be "the voice" to the people - the one who had the word from God for the people. Today people are getting "the word" from hundreds, actually thousands of different voices. Is this really an advancement? Not only does a pastor have a word for the people, but the pastor (even though many times not in close "personal relationship" with every person in the church) has a relationship with his/her church and speaks into the lives of those in that church with a specific anointing. The mantle that is upon them is different from someone famous who has no relationship with the people. I just want to go on record if I haven't

Allow me to direct your attention...

to a post I wrote in January of this past year...before any of the latest scandals in Christiandom occurred. I believe it's very pertinent to what's going on now.

It's Thursday, but Friday's comin'!

Last night we came home from church and watched Kid Nation – a show our whole family has fallen in love with. (By the way, we all like Michael, but I really think Greg should have gotten the gold star last night. After all, none of the kids would have had chicken this past week without him. That’s just the reality of it.) I don't see what any of the controversy is about this show. I think it's awesome! I mean, for crying out loud, your kid has a chance to win a $20,000 gold star and get this wonderful experience of learning to work together as a team. I would LOVE for any of my three kids to be on it. Maybe somebody could explain to me the damage this show is doing to these children. Some parents are really upset about it. So far I don't see any abuses, in the first two episodes, just a lot of life lessons they are learning together. Then we watched The Bionic Woman, a new show Larry TIVO’d for me, convinced I’d love it. He’s right. I used to love the old Bi onic Woman. The

My current life in 85 Questions

I got this from Pastor Leanne and thought, "you know it HAS been a while since I've done one of these fun "I don't need to have my brain in overdrive to do it" surveys. So here goes... What was the highlight of your week? Seeing people touched by God during the ministry time at Pastor Lisa's church. Nothing like God moving..nothing, nothing, nothing. Who's car were you in last? My husband's. When and where was your last kiss? with Larry on our date last night. It was my first day/night back from Texas and he wanted to take me out. We went on a date to Red Lobster (we were both good on our WW points...he is losing too...) and then we went to spend some of my birthday money that I did not spend yet. And the kiss...oh was in the car, on our date. :-) How long is your hair? The one I was born with or the one I have the receipt for? ha ha! Okay, my real hair (not the one in this photo) is about an inch above my shoulders. Guess what, I wore my n

I have been transformed...

by the black church! Yes, it's true. I have come into the realm of purchased hair. I have learned this weekend from Pastor Lisa and my sistas that HAIR IS AN ACCESSORY. Who knew? I had no idea it was right up there with shoes and purses. Pastor Lisa Alexander has officially indoctrinated me to this truth about hair. Okay, so I knew some of the ladies at my church did this, but I didn't realize until recently... Oprah does it. Gayle does it. All those fancy hairdo's that look like they took 10 hours are...purchased. Even Paris Hilton does it. Beyonce does it. Nicole Richie does it. More women that we know in our daily lives do it - they just don't tell us. It's not just a black thing, not just a white thing, it's a GIRL thing, evidently. Here I have been friends with Pastor Lisa all this time and I did not realize her hair was simply an accessory. I was fascinated by hers and Lindsey's beautiful hair. She says, "I've got to take you by the shop befor

Flying home tonight

Houston is an hour behind us in Tampa, so my body is still on the Tampa clock. It felt easy to get up this morning (after 9 and 1/2 hours sleep!) and eat breakfast and work out in the fitness room here at the hotel. I did come here to minister and give my all doing it, but I must say, a little rest was absolutely wonderful. I had time each day to work out in the fitness room, read the Word, pray, and SLEEP. Translation: heaven. Whoever said that when your kids grow older you just sleep unhindered any time you want? No, it doesn't work that way. All I have to do is lay my head down on the pillow and start to get in the deep stage of sleep and there's a knock on my door... "Momma, I need lunch money." So yes, I love SLEEP unhindered whenenever I can get it. I am meeting Pastor Lisa to spend some fun time together and just sharing our heart as girls (and pastors) and then fly home this evening. I'll probably touch down in Tampa Bay just as the sun is setting. I

This morning in Zion

What a wonderful time we had today in Zion! God graced us with His presence in such a wonderful way. I am so blessed by my hosts, Pastors Elgin and Lisa Alexander, and their children Lindsey and Evan. Here are some photos from this morning... I am loving my time here in Houston. Right now I'm winding down from this morning/afternoon in my hotel room, having a cup of Earl Grey, and resting. God is good! I do love and miss those of you in Tampa, however I am very much looking forward to m y one last day left with Pastor Lisa tomorrow before I have to fly home tomorrow night. We're going to savor every last moment...

I am your preparation

Last night before I went to speak, I was preparing and I sensed God just ask me..."put your notes away. Come talk to me." I'm one of those people who prepares an exhaustive amount of notes and if there's such a thing as being "over-prepared" I guess sometimes I am. I had planned on reading the Word and Secrets of the Secret Place later, just savoring some time before sleep to be with Him. But He said, "no, you really can't be any more prepared in the natural than you are right now. So just spend some time in my Word, and talk to me." I read John the 5th Chapter, which went along with chapter 40 of Secrets, the chapter entitled, "The Secret of Beholding Jesus." It was all about beholding and knowing Jesus, not just His Word, but Him, the person. It centered on the fact that our reading in the Word is meant to be a living encounter with the person of Jesus Christ, and the fact that we can read the Bible and truly never get to know the

What a great night!

Tonight was a fantastic night with Pastor Lisa Alexander, and the women's ministries of Zion Tabernacle. Pastor Elgin (Lisa's husband) and her two children (Lindsey and Evan - cute as buttons!) were there too. I am very impressed with her kids - they are just super. You can sense the touch of God upon their lives. I am impressed with everything from Pastor Elgin's keyboard playing to Evan's drumming, to Lindsey's sparkling personality, to the anointing of God on Pastor Lisa's life. She truly is a "worshipper to the core." Impressed seems like such a shallow word to describe it. I don't know what word I'm looking for. If I weren't so tired from ministry tonight I'd sit here til' I think of a word but I really want to rest. However, I didn't want to miss a chance to blog just a minute and put up a photo. Here are pastor Lisa and I, this evening. What a great time we had ministering together, worshipping, praying for women. Women

I've arrived

I'm here! I got to Houston right on schedule this morning. Pastor Lisa actually met me in the airport. I was surprised! You know most people just pick people up outside at curbside these days. So I expected to go get my baggage and meet her outside. But there she was as soon as I exited the area that goes through security, she was coming at me, and instead of a cyber scream, we had a real one! We were so excited. We got my bags and went to Applebees for lunch. I introduced her to the Pecan Encrusted Chicken Salad (my favorite!) and she loved it. We talked for a few hours about life, ministry, and stuff that you just want to sit across another ministry woman who walks in your shoes and talk about. Good stuff. Then we went for a tour of the church which was very nice, and then on to my hotel. I love it here. I have my own little suite complete with a little living room, kitchenette, and you know, I think the beds are sort of like they are at Hampton Inn. I feel a good night's sle

I'll fly away

oh glory, I'll fly away... to Houston, that is. I am at Tampa International Airport right now...and they have free wireless internet here. Can you say HALLELUIAH? Wow, I'm loving it. Answering e-mail, reading the news, much better can life get? So it's everything I can do right now not to go over to the restaurant next to me and get a Republic of Tea... but since I'm boarding in about 10 minutes and they don't allow liquids to be carried on...I couldn't bring myself to throw it away. Got up while it was still dark today. Took a bubble bath in my big tub... Took Geena out and watched the sunrise... Made a WW recipe egg and cheese sandwich (4 pts.) Got ready Left for TIA! Only a little more time, Pastor Lisa and we'll be having a coffee together in Houston.

Well, this is it...

I'm finally all packed. And I'm getting up at 6 am to get ready to leave for Houston. Today was my day off but I had a lot to do both fun and home/work related. Larry got up and went to his appointment with the specialist for his arm and he dropped me off at my nail salon. Today was Larry's consultation with his x-rays. He has to have an operation on his shoulder on October 4th. He has an Impingement and a Labrum tear. Therefore he will be having shoulder arthroscopy and rehabilitation after that. He's actually relieved that perhaps this is coming to an end. The damage has been there for a while and it's been getting worse and worse until the pain has been really unbearable lately. It prevents him from doing a lot of things he wants to do. The surgery is supposed to pretty much "almost" guarantee a full recovery and him being able to do the things he once did. I say "almost" because doctors never give 100% guarantee. He has a great surgeon, Dr. F

I have to confess

Today's my day off and I took time to sit down and write a whole long drawn out rant about O.J. Simpson. If I were to print it out it would probably be at least ten pages. I just sat down and got out all my feelings toward "the Juice." In case you are wondering, (and I know you're probably not but I'll tell you anyway) I have read almost every book written about the Simpson case. I watched every day of the trial (taped it and watched it after work each day). I can tell you just about any fact about the case and discuss it very knowledgeably. And, it's something I still have a lot of passion for even 13 years later. Apparently, a lot of America does too. I am not the only one, by far. We have not forgotten. I have often thought about what I would be if I were not a pastor. I always wanted to be a high school teacher but another job I seriously thought about was criminal prosecutor. I would love to be a "Nancy Grace" and work hard to get justice for vi

"Look Momma, you will not run out..."

I love it when I come home to a clean house. Perhaps there is nothing more glorious. When I walk into a clean house, I feel the power of the Holy Ghost. Yesterday Jordan cleaned the house...I mean really cleaned it and when we walked in the house from work, my whole being just went, "ahhhhhhhhhh..." Then he led me over to the fridge and said, "Look Momma! I made you something!" Upon looking inside I found he had made me five pitchers of iced tea. He said, "here's more than enough will not run out!" Indeed. There's at least enough here to last me til' I leave Saturday for Houston. He really is the sweetest boy on earth when he wants to be. Moments like that make up for all the times I have wanted to wring his neck. :-) After work, Larry made dinner. (I know what you're thinking...I hit the jackpot! Yes, it was a great night.) He made turkey tacos. (yum!) While Larry made dinner, Dustin wanted me to watch Kid Nation with him. He t

One of my favorite things

A few days ago in my iced tea post, I spoke about my favorite tea which is Republic of Tea . I wanted to share with you about it and maybe if you've never tried it, the next time you come across it, you will remember that I encouraged you to try it! I first tried it in Landry's Restaurant in Tampa. I believe if you order an iced tea that is what they automatically bring you - they do not have iced tea that they brew in-house. You will find Republic of Tea served in bottles in some nicer restaurants, airport restaurants, and the tea bags for hot tea or for fresh brewing at home are available in Panera Bread. My favorite thing Republic of Tea offers is their bottled teas. This is a miracle since any other bottled tea, I absolutely can't stand. I want it fresh brewed on site, or not at all. I'm a true tea connoisseur. I can tell if it's not fresh brewed or if they have lied to me. Sometimes I'll ask a server, "do you fresh brew your tea here?" They will s

Working hard?

On Wednesday nights, Larry and I take turns teaching in the adult service in the sanctuary. Last night was my night to teach and our subject this month is productivity and how it is part of our spirituality and maturity in Christ. I thought I'd share my message here on my blog. I don't post every message I preach, nor do I want this to be a sermon blog (refer to yesterday's post ) but occasionally I like to post what I preached. So here goes... ARE YOU WORKING HARD? OR ARE YOU HARDLY WORKING? The anointing of God extends not just to the altar, but for business, for work, for anything that encompasses our lives. We are literally, ANOINTED FOR BUSINESS...FOR WORK. Many people hate work. They even refer to slogans regarding the fact that…”at the end of your life, you won’t regret not working more.” I don't believe that is necessarily true, it just makes for some nice plaques! Even Michaelangelo said something at the end of his life about having so much work left to do and