Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Highlights from Gulf Coast Campmeeting:
"Breakthrough 2009"

We got home at 1:45 AM from ministering at Gulf Coast Assembly of God Campmeeting. The pastors of this great church in North Port, FL are Keith and LaDonna Jones. They have two wonderful young adult daughters, Kimberly and Jessica. Their campmeeting this year is “Breakthrough 2009” and we were blessed to be the guest ministers last night. God moved in a powerful way and lives were TRANSFORMED! We also had wonderful fellowship with the Jones before and after the service. We went over to Gulf Coast early and spent several hours together and enjoyed a terrific meal at a place called the Old World Restaurant in North Port. They had some of the most amazing French onion soup that we have ever had. After several hours of experiencing some real breakthrough at the service, we went to Applebees. It was so good just to talk and encourage one another in our calling, and enjoy some “ironing sharpening iron” time. They are SUCH a a great pastoral team and it was just great to talk shop, and laugh and deepen our friendship.

I didn’t want to leave Savanna behind although it was going to be a late night. We were away from her for four days while we were in Ohio. I felt that she needed to be with us so we went and got her out of school a few hours early and took her with us. We knew we’d get back late so we packed pillows and blankets for her to sleep on the way home. (This is the life of a kid whose parents are immersed in ministry…it’s just how my kids were raised as a lot of PK’s are…) She totally enjoyed the time, and took photos of the night. She really enjoys picture taking and we thought it would be good to have her take some to pass on to Pastors Keith and LaDonna and also just to have for ourselves as a momento from the evening. For those of you who are on my facebook, I’ll be loading all of the photos on to there in case you are interested.

Today I’m going to be moving ahead at warp speed. We spent most of our day yesterday gearing up for last night’s campmeeting and I have a lot to do to get Fusion in order for tonight and caught up on work. I also got four new clients for job coaching yesterday. This brings me to seven clients I have on my plate to work with right now. All is going well and as a matter of fact two of my clients just landed a job! Yeah! So, in addition to preaching the gospel at home and abroad, and pastoring the most loving church in the work, I am doing my part to keep America working. It’s a wonderful life.

I really can’t wait to sleep this weekend, though.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

10 Things you might be surprised about...

1)  I dropped out of kindergarten.
2)  I have a baby waiting for me in heaven.
3)  I had my own car when I was 38 and 39.  
4)  People (strangers) mistake me for Bette Midler all the time. 
5)  I was never allowed to go to the movies until I grew up and moved out of the house.
 6) I type 130 wpm.
7) I married a teenager.
8)  I've gone to Africa by myself.
9)  I belong to two African tribes, the Maasai tribe and the Kikuyu tribe.
9)  I don't ever submerge my head underwater.
10)  I have however, submerged my head into a humongous bowl of jello.  

Monday, September 28, 2009

End to a perfect weekend...

Miss you already, my friends...
Our hearts will ache and miss you and Max & Rocko til' next time...we are in person and ROCL  (rolling off the couch laughing!) 

 We are flying home to Tampa this morning... up at 4:45 am to get to the airport.  Coming back to an extremely full week -- preaching @Women's Escape tonight!   Hopefully I'll slide a nap in somewhere to get a little rest and additional energy for tonight.  I am putting finishing touches on my message while in flight today.  I'm excited to bring the strong word the Lord has given me.

  Tomorrow we're going to Northport, FL where Larry is preaching at a Campmeeting for Gulf Coast Church (I'm singing and just going to support him and spend time with our wonderful friends Pastors Keith & LaDonna Jones and their family.)  Plus all the normal Northside stuff and Next Job stuff.  The week is full but it's a good full.  I have nothing to complain about.

Yesterday we went to church with Gibsons & Brasfield's to Ginghamsburg Church.  It was AWESOME.  Loved it.  Michael Slaughter gave a great message entitled, "Good Grief."  Things I definitely needed to hear.  I realized I'm nearing the end of the grieving process with a relationship in my life and it feels good to say in that particular situation, I'm nearing the closure point.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mike's Party Photos ~ 3

Snapped this photo of Mike right before the party started.

Me ~ I think Larry wants me to dress like this again sometime.  :)

I've seen this look a few times before.  Usually it's when I have deleted something off of the Tivo.

Andy and Jill Brasfield sharing some snuggle time mid-party

Larry ~ Me ~ Mikey

Man of the hour

Donna, Mike & Jodie during "story time" about Mike, down through the years...

Jodie, Sarah & Rhonda

Shake your groove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah yeah....(what we did til at least 11:30 pm...and Gibsons, Shrodes & Brasfield's got to sleep at about 2 am.  Best. Night. Ever.)

Photos from Mike's Party ~ 2

Here are some more party photos from last night, with more to come...

Me, telling stories at the party -- "Mike Memories."  So much fun!!!

Larry and I in front of one of the many fantastic cards at the museum.

Great centerpieces Mike & Donna put together for the party that we all helped decorate with.  (Those are records and marbles around them, and little "50's".)  There were 70 people ~ Mike's closest family and friends, for this party which was a catered affair.

These cupcakes were around the centerpieces and I seriously thought about eating mine first before my dinner.  The dinner was amazing by the way...spectacular food.

Entrance to Museum -- posters of Mike that were professionally made of memories thorugh the years.  There was a photo of Larry and I with him and Donna on this poster that was in the center of the room.

Mike's baby photo on this HUGE cardboard poster at the entrance.  I signed the butt and put, "No buts about it Mike, you are amazing!!!  We love you and are so glad we got to share this night with you...Deanna & Larry".  :)

Mike's Party Photos ~ Part 1

Saturday, September 26, 2009

More photos from America's Packard Museum

I took these yesterday when we were at the museum (party location) decorating.  I was able to get some great shots with our new camera that we got in May, for Jordan's graduation.