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What's It Like to Be You?

Ask someone that today.

Then listen to what they say.

It may just be the most powerful thing that ever happens in the life of that person.

I Want to Change This About Me

Where did the strange piece of "wisdom" originate that the things we hate most in others are the things we are guilty of ourselves?

Time and again I've tried to reconcile this statement, but just can't find the truth in it. It's not that I haven't looked really hard or dared to be honest enough with myself.

The things I get most upset about in others are things I don't struggle with. Therefore, compassion doesn't come easy in those instances.

When I'm guilty of something I see others doing, I tend to rationalize their behavior. I do this because I understand how hard it is for them to change in that area. I can readily wrap my arms around them and say, "I've been there, and I know it's hard," or "it's not so bad..."

Who Wants Speaking Opportunities?

"How do you get speaking opportunities?"

I'm often asked this question.

I haven't really struggled. And there are a few reasons for that, some of which may surprise you. I'm actually really content to stay home and write til' the cows come home, but people keep asking me to come speak. I'm humbled and honored, each and every time.

I believe one of the reasons I continually get invites is, I know how to do exactly what I'm asked to do.

Don't ever underestimate this.

Even if you're good at what you do, maybe even GREAT at what you do, you have to become good at doing whatever people ask you to do.

How good you are at what you do doesn't really matter to those bringing you in unless you're actually delivering what they want. If you're a chef and someone asks for chicken cordon bleu and you deliver them a lobster, certainly lobster is amazing but if it's not at all what they wanted, or they may even be allergic to it, they are n…

I love to learn

One thing I love about traveling to different places to minister is the learning factor.

When I travel to speak somewhere I have three goals. The first is to give 110% to what I've been brought in to do. I want to give above and beyond what is expected. The second thing I love is encouraging and affirming the leader(s) publicly as well as privately in between sessions. And the third thing I love is learning all that I can from others. I'm like a sponge! When I travel somewhere as the speaker I usually come home with pages full of notes of what I've gleaned from other people. 

When I travel alone it's always a challenge to come back and try to explain to Larry whatever it was that I experienced and learned. During times like this weekend, it's great that we are together and there is no explaining to do. 

I have always loved North Carolina and in recent years it's become even more special to me with the connections and reconnections I've made with people th…

Staying Married

3 Marriage Boosters
Get 'Em While They're Hot!

In honor of Valentines Day today I'm re-posting three of my favorite marriage posts.

Larry and I are flying to North Carolina this morning, as we'll be the speakers at a marriage conference there this weekend.

I love North Carolina and can't wait!  Keep us in prayer. The thing I'm looking forward to most is seeing what God does in the marriages of those present at the conference. But I do have to say that a close second is having Larry Shrodes with me in a hotel room for four nights! Yipppeeee! We are so hot for each other, we set hotel rooms on fire. You think I'm kidding?

Okay, for three of my favorite posts...

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