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"Deanna Shrodes is a rare combination of loving wife and mother and dynamic preacher and singer-musician. Her heart for God and love for His people are evident in her words and songs as well as in her actions. Jesus said you will know a man by his fruits. The good fruit of Deanna’s personal life and public ministry is proof positive that the same criterion applies to women. I highly recommend her ministry in music and message.” 
Rev. Rob Schenck, President, National Clergy Council, President, Faith & Action, Washington, D.C.

"In God's divine plan, He has created a vessel of honor to minister to the needs of ministry partners and women all over this country. Rev. Deanna Shrodes is a unique gift to the body of Christ, operating in the wisdom of Anna, exemplifying the prayer life of Elizabeth and like Mary she responds to the Lord's calling by saying, 'I am the Lord's servant, be it unto me according to thy word.' Deanna shares her experiences as a woman of God, a wife and a mother to open the understanding of all those who meet her. As she ministers, allow her spirit to connect you with the Spirit of God and then flow in that anointing!" 
First Lady Ronnelle C. Thomas-Brunswick
Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Springfield Gardens, NY
“With candor and transparency, Deanna shared the unchanging truth of God’s word. Her real life experiences helped our women understand what Spirit led living looks like. They left the conference inspired to allow God to use them far beyond the walls of the church and their comfort zones.”
 Mary Ritter
Women’s Ministries Director
North Carolina District Council of the Assemblies of God

"The value of a book can be judged by the credibility of its author and Deanna's writing and speaking is no exception.  If you are satisfied in your comfort zone, then you don’t read on.  Deanna Shrodes will take you to some very exciting places in a most unconventional way if you are willing to work your way through what she has to say. Believe me, you are in for the surprise of your life.  It is a proven fact that most people are resistant to change, especially when the recommended change comes from a woman younger than themselves.   I have met hundreds of wonderful women ministers in my fifty years of being an ordained woman minister myself, but I have never met anyone as dynamic, focused, and motivated as Deanna Shrodes. Consider yourself one of the fortunate folks whose path has crossed hers, and learn from her. In turn, share what you learn with fifty others. The weather channel informs us of all types of weather around the world: thunder and lightning, wind, dust storms, rain, hail, snow and most welcome-- sunny skies.  Deanna Shrodes is what I coin as a ‘white tornado’ that brings with her the right kind of wind for change. She never meets anyone without causing a change to come about in their lives. She feels it doesn’t make sense for people to keep doing the same ole things day after day, and expect change to come about.  If you want change, then you must work at it.  That’s where her ministry comes in -- to assist you in your own personal development to bring about that change, all for the glory of God.  And it’s a two-way street with her.   Deanna is a teacher with a teachable spirit, constantly sharing what has been handed down from her elders.  She really is not concerned who gets the credit.  She just wants the work to get done.  This is a sterling quality for any great leader.  As the ‘wind of God’ blows through your life, I pray you will be alert to see that ‘bright shooting star’ in the horizon that caused it."
Rev. June Coker
Co-Pastor, Garrett's Mill AG Knoxville, MD

"I have known Deanna and watched her in ministry for 27 years. Even in her young days in Bible College, I saw passion in her that not many young people have. She always had a desire to make a mark on the world for Jesus. Her writing and speaking are powerful and effective. Her songwriting and voice in leading worship are a gift only God Himself can give. I have also known Larry for many years. He is a Godly man, and together they are a dynamic duo. Deanna’s web site, Pastoring Partners, has reached hundreds of ladies in America and overseas, and has personally touched my life. I know she has an incredible heart to help women.”  
Rev. Tana Miller
Women’s Ministries Director, Southern New England District of the Assemblies of God.

Deanna is a multi-talented, driven professional. She presents herself with a polished poise that is the culmination of natural gifts and hard work. She is knowledgeable and ever seeking new ways to grow to higher levels. Her compassion for others however sets her apart and those who spend time with her feel as though they have been just dipped in a pool of peace. I highly recommend her as a speaker, minister and coach.” 
Tina Blount ~ Author, Speaker, Coach

“Deanna is the kind of person who can complete the work of three people at once. Not only is she incredibly productive, she brings a heart, soul and passion to everything she does that creates an atmosphere of positivity throughout our company. She is an independent worker and a fast learner who quickly moves to mastery at any task asked of her. Deanna always accepts special projects and can be counted on to complete them accurately and on time. She is engaging, proactive, creative, fun AND a consummate professional. Deanna creates strong, positive connections with her external customers that promote their lasting success. I highly recommend Deanna - she would be an asset to any organization.” 
Kathryn Kemp, CPCC
Eastern Regional Manager, NextJob
Founder/Director of Team Resource Coaching

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