Weekend Potpourri
Only 2 More Days...

The e-book release is almost here.

And, Happy Sunday! 

I'm exhausted and it's just starting!  I'm not complaining, simply describing my state of body and mind.  I have been going non-stop getting things ready for the release of the e-book on Tuesday. Are you ready???  All you have to do is click a button and start reading. Me on the other hand...well, I've got a lot more than that to do right now. Maybe you're wondering, "what more can she possibly have to do?" And if so, you've probably never written a book. :)

My day today will be filled with rehearsals and services and loving on church folks and first time guests and all that good stuff...and then I'll come home to work on the book release again.

I'm also posting on Lost Daughters again today. Have you figured out yet that I love this? 

Much love,