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Worthy To Be Found Releases TODAY!

I am sincerely honored by every single person's decision to read anything I write. I don't say this just to be nice. I really mean it. My heart is so touched when I find out that someone has read anything I've written. I realize you have a plethora of choices in reading material. So for any of you who have ever chosen to read anything of mine, thank you. Entourage Publishing releases Worthy To Be Found , today!! It's already getting rave reviews! You can read some of them, already up on Amazon. I'd be honored if you would also leave a review after reading. So, how to you get the book? Easy peasy. To get the Kindle edition, click here . To get a paperback copy, click here . I am overwhelmed by the goodness of God, and His favor in my life. More than anything,when it comes to Worthy To Be Found , pray that it touches many lives. Love you all,