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5 Miracles in 1 Week!

I got my miracle this morning! And I've made my decision!

I'll start at the good a place as any to start. 

Last week JUGGLE launched. I was so excited. I've been busy keeping up with that, getting the word out and answering a lot of correspondence. I also have church ministry to keep up with full time as well as my coaching job part time. In the midst of all that I went to have my yearly physical.

I have been experiencing some troubling symptoms and as some of my regular readers might remember I sometimes struggle with elevated blood pressure. I've lost about 15 pounds the past 6 months but I need to lose more and am still working on it. Being that I'm in my 40's now, it comes off a looooooot slower. :)  Wednesday when meeting with my doctor, she was concerned about two things. First, she found a spot on my skin I hadn't even noticed before. She said it needed to be biopsied asap. She also checked my heart and said it didn't sound quite normal. She said, "we need to do a complete blood work, a biopsy, and have you back in here to discuss things with me next Thursday."  She said if things weren't normal on the re-check, she was sending me for further heart tests immediately. It was important to get it done this week not only for my own health but because my doctor leaves on a 30 day vacation tomorrow.

There was a huge obstacle in the way, though...

I had jury duty starting Monday. And I couldn't reschedule. I had already reschedued once because of ministry obligations I had on the calendar that I couldn't miss. I had to go for jury duty this time, no matter what. You are only allowed one reschedule. And if I did jury duty, I would not be able to have any of these doctor's appointments or tests this week. What about a doctor's note? I got one, however it was too late because all of this took place after the deadline to mail it in and get prior approval from the judge. I planned to show up to the courthouse on Monday with the note in hand and hope they would be sympathetic that I was having a biopsy on Tuesday and another heart check on Thursday. I prayed and prayed...Lord do a miracle.

Sunday night I called the courthouse number and to my surprise they said all jury duty was cancelled for the week due to Hurricane Isaac!!! I was completely free of jury duty!  I could have all of my medical tests this week.

Here's where it gets realllllllllllllly interesting. Monday afternoon I received a call. It is not wise at this time for me to share exactly who it was from or what company they work for. But, this was a call that has changed my life forever.

I have been working on a proposal for over a year and currently have it in consideration with one of the top publishers in the USA. This is what the call was about. If I dropped names here, anyone in the world would recognize it. You would scream with me and say, "OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!" Seriously, this is HUGE. If my project is accepted, it will serve as a tremendous resource to those who serve in ministry all over the world. I've been waiting for a breakthrough regarding this. It's the biggest dream I've ever had!

Well, it appears that breakthrough may be here. I received this call, requesting my presence. They let me know that it was important that I come three weeks from now......................ready for this.............................


Okay. Pick me up off the floor.

I was in shock.

Now, I need to get to California on my own financially, and I had to let them know by TODAY that I was or was not coming.

But meanwhile, I had no idea if it was wise to travel right now. I was having a biopsy on Tuesday, a heart check in 3 days, and...I certainly don't have a bunch of money laying around to take off and go to California on a whim. Especially to stay there for FOUR DAYS!!!!  (Yes, that's how long it will take to do what we're going to do out there - four days. That includes no sightseeing, nothing but business.)

Do I go?

Do I stay home until my health issues are resolved?

Do I just trust God that everything will be okay and make plans to go?

A decision was required TODAY.

Part of me felt, "I will die if I don't take this opportunity. I'll regret it for life."

I was feeling really scared to make this decision.

I talked to a few friends confidentially. Every one of them said, "are you kidding? You have to go, no matter how you feel!!"

My husband, felt a bit differently. Wanting to keep me around at least a little while longer, he said, "I'm totally for you going to CA, but only if the doctor clears it."


Yes, dear. Yes dear.

I know, I know...he loves me. He protects me. As for me, I was alright with waiting for four weeks to get further testing on my heart if it was required, and take a chance. This opportunity means that much to me!

So, then I had to consider, provision. It takes time to save for things like this. Most people don't just have money laying around or even sitting in the bank, especially in these days and times. Why not use money from sales of JUGGLE?  Well, I'd love to do that but Amazon pays authors every 60 days. So, that won't work. This whole thing will be over by the time I finally get paid. I needed it NOW.

 So, I thought, "I'll work more. I'll coach more. I'll do a bazillion resumes if that's what it takes."  I've always been able to work and accomplish anything I set my mind to do. A friend of mine heard I was doing that and said, "ARE YOU KIDDING? No!! Do you need one more thing to juggle? No, you do not. You work enough hours already, in fact you work too many. You're not doing this. There's a time to work, and you've done that! God will provide! Watch him!" And with that she gave me $100 and said, "this is just the start - God's getting ready to open the floodgates! Let Him!"

 Well, that's exactly what happened!! A few of my close friends and family who knew about the situation rose up and met the need. Out of the love in their hearts and their belief in what God has called me to do, provided what I need to get there.  All but just a little bit of what it's going to take to cover the whole trip came in by noon yesterday!  And I know the rest is on it's way!!!

Then late yesterday afternoon the doctor who did my biopsy called and said it showed no cancer!!  (Yes, this is an amazing place with a 24 hour turnaround time on biopsies! I highly recommend them. If you need a dermatologist in Tampa, let me know.)

Now all I needed was to have the heart check, and the doctor's clearance to go.

I asked you last night on my blog post to pray for a miracle.

I got one!!!!!!!

My heart was normal today. I know that still doesn't explain why I have all the symptoms I do. Symptoms the doctor has witnessed for herself. Fortunately, she had blood work beyond just routine. When it came back it indicated exactly what the issue was, the problem can be easily treated. The answer was in the blood! (Both literally and figuratively!! lol)   It's an easy fix! Halleluiah!!!

She gave me permission to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I came home, and was able to make my phone call giving my decision that YES, I am going to California for this meeting.

I ask all of you reading to please keep praying.

God moved regarding...
  1. Jury Duty
  2. A biopsy
  3. A possible heart issue
  4. Finances

And now for the 5th miracle, I can't help but believe that He's strategically positioned me to fulfill every last thing He's called me to do. This morning on my Facebook, my friend Joy Andrews Morey said, "You WILL fulfill your entire destiny!" That sentence stuck with me all the way while I was driving to the doctor's office this morning.

 I've never wanted to do anything more than I've wanted to write for His glory. And, God has given me a strategic message to share that will bring hope and healing to those who serve in vocational ministry.

God didn't move all these mountains out of the way for me to go to California for nothing.

Thank you for believing with me. I am going to be in prayer and fasting at an increased level, for this meeting. If God lays on your heart to join me in pressing in prayer for this, please do! 

I am so grateful for all of you who read here whether occasionally or every day. For those who comment or never do. For all of you from Tampa to Seattle to Singapore...THANK YOU.  The fact that you support me in reading and commenting here means A LOT. It is absolutely essential because  agents or publishers look at a writer's blog. So, just reading and commenting here has helped me move forward tremendously. You are all so appreciated!

Five miracles in a week! Not bad at all, God. Not bad at all! You're amazing!!!  No one compares to YOU!!!

The biggest meeting happens on Thursday, September 20. I'll keep you posted, my friends.  

I love all of you and thank you so much for your support...



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