I'm Ready for a Miracle

Is it easier for you to believe for miracles for others, rather than for yourself?

Yeah, me too.

Dang...why is that?

I've laid hands on people who were crippled from birth and seen them instantly healed and run around.  I've seen an amazing amount of supernatural things happen when I pray and believe for friends or strangers. Yet when I need something it's so hard to believe sometimes.

This week I have been in need of three specific, big miracles. Two have been granted. Boom, boom! Just like THAT. God took care of it.

I need another one on Thursday morning. This seems the most challenging of the three. I'm desperate.

I have been praying for wisdom as to a decision I have had to make. I must deliver that decision on Friday. But I can't make the decision without peace unless a miracle is first granted on Thursday morning. So much depends on this.

A lot of people who read my blog care even without all the details and I love you for that.

This is huge for me. Please join me in believing. 

Much love,