Oops, did I miss a day of blogging?

No. I am blogging just a few hours late for Monday...

Some major things came up. Ever had a day like that?  Yeah, I know you understand.

Once 9 pm hit, I decided to let go of everything and watch a movie with Jordan. For years I've been begging him to watch Schindler's List with me. The answer's always been no, until today. He surprised me by getting the movie and asking. So today was THE day. We snuggled up with the dogs on the couch and watched it. Although it was intense, it was just the break I needed.

This week, a plethora of things have arisen...unbelievable things both great and terrible. I hardly know what to think sometimes about this crazy life I'm living.

All I can say right now is, I need God to show up.

Thanks for your prayers.

Oh, and...um...did you hear I'm giving away a coaching package?