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Would You Want to Re-Enact Your Wedding Night?

Last night was the 27th anniversary of our wedding and I had this thought as Larry and I were driving back to the hotel from dinner... How many married couples would be interested in re-enacting their wedding night? A lot of people do vow renewals, which is sort of along the lines of re-enacting the past. I know people go on"second honeymoons" but are they really honeymoons or just trips? Is it about intimacy or travel? There's a difference. Don't ask me why I had this crazy thought. I just have them, and then sometimes I put them out there on a blog post. Yeah, I know...brave or cray-cray. You decide. Reliving the Past It crossed my mind that there are probably a lot of people who would secretly give anything to re-enact their wedding night. It would be the greatest thing ever. Maybe because it's probably the last time anything really exciting happened in their marriage. Perhaps it's a precious memory of a happier time gone by -- when