Sunday, September 23, 2007

This morning in Zion

What a wonderful time we had today in Zion! God graced us with His presence in such a wonderful way.

I am so blessed by my hosts, Pastors Elgin and Lisa Alexander, and their children Lindsey and Evan. Here are some photos from this morning...

I am loving my time here in Houston. Right now I'm winding down from this morning/afternoon in my hotel room, having a cup of Earl Grey, and resting. God is good!

I do love and miss those of you in Tampa, however I am very much looking forward to my one last day left with Pastor Lisa tomorrow before I have to fly home tomorrow night. We're going to savor every last moment...

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Lady Melissa said...

Pastor Deanna, I'm happy that all went and is going well in Houston. I just knew that it was going to be a BLOWOUT! in the Spirit with two powerful women of God such as yourself and Pastor Lisa. Lots of love for the both of you.

Lady Sutton