I'll fly away

oh glory, I'll fly away...

to Houston, that is. I am at Tampa International Airport right now...and they have free wireless internet here. Can you say HALLELUIAH? Wow, I'm loving it. Answering e-mail, reading the news, blogging...how much better can life get?

So it's everything I can do right now not to go over to the restaurant next to me and get a Republic of Tea... but since I'm boarding in about 10 minutes and they don't allow liquids to be carried on...I couldn't bring myself to throw it away.

Got up while it was still dark today. Took a bubble bath in my big tub...

Took Geena out and watched the sunrise...

Made a WW recipe egg and cheese sandwich (4 pts.)

Got ready

Left for TIA!

Only a little more time, Pastor Lisa and we'll be having a coffee together in Houston.