Allow me to direct your attention...

to a post I wrote in January of this past year...before any of the latest scandals in Christiandom occurred.

I believe it's very pertinent to what's going on now.


I have been reading and I went back and read the other post.
I am very aware of the dangers and how we must at every cost avoid the appearance of evil.
I just can't help but wonder if all of these things that we see occurring are the beginning of the great falling away that will begin to take place before the Lord returns. I have always wondered what would cause such massive droves to leave the church. Something has to trigger it. Could it be that those trusted ones falling will be the trigger?
Just a thought.
I agree with very well could be. The Bible definitely says things such as this will happen in the last days...I think we're in it...

great blessing (to be part of the last days) and also great challenge...