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I have been transformed...

by the black church!

Yes, it's true.

I have come into the realm of purchased hair. I have learned this weekend from Pastor Lisa and my sistas that HAIR IS AN ACCESSORY. Who knew? I had no idea it was right up there with shoes and purses.

Pastor Lisa Alexander has officially indoctrinated me to this truth about hair.

Okay, so I knew some of the ladies at my church did this, but I didn't realize until recently... Oprah does it. Gayle does it. All those fancy hairdo's that look like they took 10 hours are...purchased. Even Paris Hilton does it. Beyonce does it. Nicole Richie does it. More women that we know in our daily lives do it - they just don't tell us. It's not just a black thing, not just a white thing, it's a GIRL thing, evidently. Here I have been friends with Pastor Lisa all this time and I did not realize her hair was simply an accessory.

I was fascinated by hers and Lindsey's beautiful hair. She says, "I've got to take you by the shop before we go to the airport. So off we, she went. She said, "you need to try one on." I said "me?"

"Yes, absolutely..." says Lisa.

So we wanted to try one on, but you have to buy a wig cap for $1.00. (Sanitary reasons, you know...) Neither of us had a dollar in cash and the lady wouldn't take a debit or credit card for $1. A kind woman overhearing us said, "I'll give you a dollar." Come to find out she was there buying a wig because she has lupus and her hair has thinned out. Well, we stopped right there and prayed for her. Very sweet woman and she seemed to appreciate our prayer. And then we set about trying on wigs. I tried on several and then we settled on this one. Pastor Lisa encouraged me to stay with my color (she always stays in her color, she just switches back and forth between curly, straight, short, long.) When we tried this one, we fell in love with it. So then we started screaming (literally right there in the shop) about me keeping it on and going to the airport and having Larry pick me up while I'm wearing it. We wanted to shock him. So we did! We were like two junior high girls, laughing and screaming over this all the way to the car. It was so fun.

Larry picked me up at the airport and he was very surprised! He didn't know what to think at first...just trying to figure out..."okay, what's going on here?" but he liked it. Savanna wants one for herself. (I knew it!)

I said, "Okay Lisa, so what do I say when somebody comes up and says, "is that your hair?" She said to say "YES!" (Because I have a receipt for it, I paid for it, and so yes it does belong to me. ha ha!) She's so funny. The woman cracks me up in how she expresses herself about these things.

So then I said, "should I wear this on Sunday morning?"

She said, "no, try it on a Wednesday night first." I said okay... and do you think Larry should come to the pulpit this Wednesday and say... "Folks, as you know my wife was in Houston last weekend and she was transformed by the black church..." Yes, I was awakened to the power of hair accessories.

We laughed our heads off when I said that... we could just imagine the reaction. Lisa says, "trust me, the sisters in your church will LOVE IT."

Well, I don't know how much I will actually do this - maybe not all the time like Pastor Lisa, but at least occasionally. One thing I can just shower, do your make up real quick and pull it on and your hair is PERFECTO! "Getting ready time" is cut down to nothing and you look like a million bucks.

In other news, before I got on the plane to fly back Pastor Lisa and I went to a restaurant called Salt Grass. It's one of Larry's favorite restaurants. When he was in Texas he went there and he LOVES IT. Talks about it all the time. He especially loves their "rattler" appetizer. (Jalepeno peppers, stuffed with a jumbo shrimp and jack cheese, dipped in ranch dressing). We went there at my request and I picked up an order of the rattlers and had them box them to take with me on the plane, to surprise him. Larry was so excited about the Rattlers. We put them on the baking stone when I got home and heated them up. He enjoyed them so much. Lisa and I ate an AMAZING lunch at Salt Grass that had me moaning. It was so good, I haven't had a meal that good in a long time. Let's just say Salt Grass is now one of my favorite places. And we had a waiter who was so attentive. We were queens for the afternoon.

We also went by their new home (which is being constructed). Beautiful? Not even the word for it. Oh my. I am so happy for her. This home is going to be so incredible. I love it. It's one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen. We went to the model home so I could see what it's going to look like finished.

It was sad to say goodbye. We had such a wonderful time and I just love Lisa and her family to pieces. Good things are in store for them and for Zion. You can get Pastor Lisa's thoughts on our weekend and the hair transformation by going here to her blog.


Oh Pastor Deanna I'm so glad Larry and Savanah liked your hair. Whew...I was keeping my fingers crossed...LOL! You look wonderful..

Melissa Davis said…
Pastor Deanna ~ WOW!
You go girl! Your transformation looks very nice and yes hair is an accessory, right in the category with purses, shoes and nails (lol). You look very nice or shall I say beautimus. I love your original look also. Be blessed and lots of love.
Unknown said…
PD, I was cracking up reading this post. Yes, you have been TRANSFORMED!!! It looks very lovely.I definitely can relate to a first wig experience. Mine was about a year ago after I loss my hair to a bad perm (long story). I was devastated but my friend "helped" me to a wig shopping experience. It was enjoyable and I was happy with my "purchased" hair. I must admit that I haven't worn one again after getting my hair cut. I'm sure I would pick one up again though. I think it's great that this is available too especially for those times when women really need it. I hope you wear your new hair on Sunday.

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