Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Going to the Next Level With New Year's Resolutions

Have you given up on making new year's resolutions because you never follow through on them?

Recently I blogged about how I accomplished all but one of my new year's resolutions for 2013.  And they weren't all easy peasy ones. I promise. If you missed the post and want to learn about how I did it and how you can do it too, go here. 

I made a decision to do something else this year that I've never done before.

I'm not striving to come up with totally new goals this year.

For some reason I've always felt pressed to do that. I always felt like a new year called for brand new goals. No one else made me feel pressure to do that -- it was simply my own internal squeeze that I felt to go that direction.

This year, my goal is to go to the next level with my resolutions from  last year.  I met my goals. But meeting them, and exceeding them are two different things.

Does this mean I'm going soft on goals, and taking it easy this year? No.
I'm ready to take last year's "investments" to a whole 'nother level.

My investments are:

Investments in Me
Investments in My Marriage
Investments in my Family 
Investments in the Church
Investments in the Next Generation
Investments in the World

Some people read a post like this and say, "Forget it. That's not for me. I'm unorganized and I can't ever manage to finish anything I set out to do."

Help is on the way.  You CAN do this.

I've written the book on getting stuff done. Some people wonder how I co-pastor a church full time, co-manage my household, fulfill the responsibilities of a wife and mother, serve as a certified career coach, blog daily, travel and speak and a potpourri of other stuff...without ending up in the loony bin. I've had some close calls.

So many people have asked me, "How do you do it?" that I decided to write a book to help others. 

If you haven't already made some resolutions, it's not too late.
It's a new year and anything is possible.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Because of the Birthday Boy, ANYTHING is Possible!

My table is all set for the birthday party!

Christmas is one of our busiest times as pastors. I haven't even shaved both legs in one day this month. 

The question, "Are you going away for the holidays?" is always one that is humorous to me if one knows my line of work. If the holiday in question has any religious significance at all, I am  working overtime.  In 26 years of marriage we've never "gone away for the holidays" mainly because of our work and also because we have three children and our traditions are rooted in the family we have created together as a married couple.

There is no complaint here, just an observation. I absolutely love what I do!  Just sayin' that for a pastor...this is our busy season!Last night we were at the church late, getting things set up for tonight's Christmas Eve Communion. Larry has a special surprise for tonight that he can't wait to unveil! He has talked about it non-stop for a month. I can't wait til' it finally happens!

Today I've been making all the dishes for our traditional family Christmas dinner (read about it here).

Amongst the sweet potatoes and the pumpkin pies and the 7-layer salad, I had to remind myself to just breathe.

Take it all in.

Think of the reason for it all, again.

It's the birthday of the King!

God sent Jesus to earth to make all things possible.
Because of Him, what people say is impossible, is indeed possible!

In fact the word impossible is also I'm-possible when you break the word in two!

Anything is possible for me, for you, for us.

I'm experiencing an extra dose of that in my life right now.
Reminding myself that He kicks impossible's butt.

He eats impossible for breakfast.

Why wouldn't anyone want to follow this amazing birthday boy?

I choose to say yes to Him everyday -- and watch Him move the mountains.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Are You Crying Over Spilled Milk?

Things go wrong sometimes even though I think I have prepared well.

There are issues I haven't thought about or things outside of my control, that occur at times.

The last time something like this happened to me, the phrase, "Don't cry over spilled milk," popped into my head."

I have a choice.

I can spend time kicking myself over what went wrong, or I can clean up the mess and then make a note to do something else than whatever it was that I just did.

I can't always guarantee a winning outcome but I can predict a different one.

I may not hit a home run every time, but I will learn valuable things I couldn't have learned any other way.

Making mistakes is not optional - we all make them. It's what we do with them that's important. Learning from a mistake means a course correction so it is  not repeated.  

Spilled milk doesn't have to slay me or sour me. It can actually serve me, if I let it.

The choice is up to me.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Make a Caesar Salad At Home That Your Family or Guests Will RAVE About!

Never would I have considered this transformational, but to hear the guests who come to dinner at my home talk, it is. So, I'm sharing it with you today. You can name your firstborn after me thank me later.

People who "don't cook" are especially going to thank me.

Yes, I know you're out there. You're the one who signs up for the church covered dish dinners, telling the lady in charge: "Just to let you know, I don't cook..." hoping to sign up for rolls in a bag or a bakery item. Or soda. ("Pop", for those of you in places like southwest Pennsylvania or Ohio.)

You feel like you're the only one.
You're not.

You've been teased.
You've been mocked.
You've been misunderstood.
Nobody grasps your plight where it concerns the culinary disadvantages that are your reality.

I'm here to help you overcome all that.
It's a new day, my friend.
Your days of taking pop to potlucks are OVER.
[Shout now!]

You have been domestically challenged your whole life, where the kitchen is concerned.
But never will you be disgraced again.

You are about to make a salad that is so scrumptious, it would make a tadpole slap a whale.
So delicious it would make a little tiny bulldog break a great big chain.

Your humiliation has an end date.

Because you're going to take this to your next church potluck.
Or to your friend's house for dinner.

And lo and behold some of you are even going to go so far as to invite people over. [Gasp!]
And for once and they are going to be bowing down to you declaring you the next Master Chef.
This is culinary Viagra. 

This will take you all of five minutes to make. No, I'm not lying or even remotely exaggerating.
And, I promise you will have none left in the bowl when you serve it. My dinner guests have eaten every speck of this even when I have three more courses coming their way.

There's nothing homemade about it. Nothing.
It's four ingredients that you purchase.
That's right, you're about to shamelessly BUY people's adoration.
 (Relax. There is nothing illegal involved.) 

It's about purchasing the right ingredients, particularly the dressing, makes all the difference. You can't use a bottled dressing in the regular aisle.

Yes, I know the ones that aren't refrigerated are cheaper.
But on this, please splurge.
Get cheaper paper towels. Or butter. Or salt.
But don't skimp on this.

You absolutely have to use Marzetti Supreme Caesar Dressing in the refrigerated section usually found next to the bags of pre-washed salad mix, carrots, etc.

I am getting no kick back for telling you this.
Marzetti has no idea who I am.
I am a nobody to these people, I assure you.
It is simply out of the kindness of my heart that I share this secret with you.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT get another dressing and think you will get the same results.
You won't.
And then you will blame me.
You will complain that your salad was less than stellar.
You will deflect this criticism onto me and actually it will be your own projected issues we will be dealing with. The disappointing outcome will be because you tried to substitute something else for the Marzetti dressing. Don't make this devastating mistake. Maybe devastating is a bit dramatic. This dreadful mistake. Okay, this...honest yet extremely naive mistake.

Alright, so are you ready to get started on this simple yet revolutionary act that is going to change your entertaining world as you know it?

These are your four ingredients for a salad people are going to scream about are:

(This amount serves about four people)

1 entire bag of pre-washed and cut romaine lettuce mix

About 1/2 bag or box of Caesar croutons (My favorite are Fresh Gourmet Deli Style Parmesan Caesar or Brownberry Caesar.)

About 1/2 bag of shredded parmesan (6 oz bag)

Do not skimp on the cheese, please! Do not use 1/3 do not use a 1/4. Please, do us proud. Do the right thing when it comes to the cheese.

About 1/2 jar of Marzetti Supreme Caesar Salad Dressing

If you want to make this for 8 people, double it. Yep, sheeeer genuis!

See, you do not have to cook a thing, my friend. You can even grab all these ingredients on the way to a party and borrow a bowl from your hostess. And I guarantee, there will be raving. Raving, I tell you.

I mix it all up immediately before serving.

Don't mix it up beforehand and take it somewhere even though you don't want people to see your four store-bought ingredients.  No, no, no. Do not make that colossal mistake. Okay, I know, I know... that's a tad bit dramatic. Do not make this cataclysmic needless mistake. Please, for the love of God and everything holy, mix the salad just moments before you serve it. The angels sing when directions like this are properly followed. I swear, they do. I know I'm not supposed to swear but things of this magnitude demand it. They just do.

If I'm serving this at home, I don't ever serve it along with the rest of the meal. It's worthy of it's own course.  I always put this on the table first alongside some fresh warm bread.  Making amazing bread is a whole 'nother level, but I am here to help you conquer the giant. I show you how in this step-by-step tutorial I created with the help of my adoring and well fed husband.

My guests always remark that they just want to keep eating this salad but need to be careful to save room.  Nevertheless I always wash an empty salad bowl. They just keep taking another bite here and there til' it's all gone.



Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Until Further Notice...Celebrate Everything!

Savanna and I always go shopping very early on black Friday.

We don't participate in any door busters. Quite frankly that seems stressful to me. It would be more fun to have dinner with Ann Coulter.

It's our tradition to go to a few stores and then out to breakfast together, usually at Waffle House. (I like 'em scattered, smothered and covered.) After we've eaten a gloriously greasy breakfast we head to one or two more stores and go home.

One of our favorite places to shop are thrift stores. We enjoy this all the time, black Friday being no exception especially since Salvation Army sells everything including furniture for 50% on that day. This year I was able to get new trees for our Celebration Church cafe for $5 each. I was over-the-moon to find the trees. 

So, I also found this serving tray. You can't tell by the photo but it's not a dinner plate, it's a large serving tray. It caught my eye immediately, this little half-off-bargain. It's ceramic and will hold a large amount of cookies or really anything you want to serve on it. I used it for the first time at our open house this past Sunday night. 

What I love about this plate it is the declaration to celebrate everything. Larry and I believe so strongly in this it's one of the reasons we felt led to name our church Celebration Church!  

So even though this day is just plain ol' Tuesday to some people, to me it's a day to celebrate. 

I will take time to celebrate life. I'm blessed to still be here in reasonably good health and in my right mind. (Well, some think so, including my therapist.)

It's a day to celebrate my accomplishments and that of my family members, even in simple ways.

 Sometimes it might be filling the bath and lighting some candles after work, sinking in the water and saying, "Good job, Deanna! You sure did get a lot done today..." 

On other days it's about celebrating the win one of my  other family members had on the job or at school, or the goodness of God in our lives.

Maybe it's celebrating that we made it through today, when it's been an especially hard day.

Until further notice, celebrate everything!


Saturday, December 07, 2013

Moan-Worthy Hot Crab Dip...(A Recipe!)
And Other Things Happening This Weekend.

The word of the day is: scurry.

 Verb; to go or move quickly or in haste.

This weekend is our Christmas open house for church leadership.

It takes me about two and a half days to get ready for this, and it's always a great time. Today I'm cooking up a storm and scurrying to get the house ready as well.

Some posts from previous Christmas open houses are here at this link, if you'd like to get some ideas and other recipes if you're having a holiday party.

 One of the favorite recipes I always serve at this event is hot crab dip. So simple and so good. 

Hot Crab Dip

1 cup crab meat (I prefer white - jumbo lump, not claw)
2 (8 oz) packages of cream cheese
1 cup sour cream
¼ cup mayonnaise
¼ tsp onion salt
1 tsp. dry mustard
¾ tsp. Worcestershire sauce
Old Bay Seasoning to taste

 I use a variety of crab meat depending on what is available. If fresh is available I always choose it, if not I will use 2 cans of white crabmeat, drained well.   Mix cream cheese, sour cream, mayo, onion salt, dry mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.  Add crab meat and mix.  Place in casserole dish that has been lightly greased or sprayed with oil, and sprinkle with Old Bay.  Cover with lid or foil.  Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes.  Serve with Ritz Crackers or corn chips.  My favorite to serve it with is Fritos Scoops.


Thursday, December 05, 2013

Use It, Or Don't Have It! (And Other Practical Nuggets of Wisdom...)

A few weeks ago I hosted a few groups of women at our home for dinner and meetings. Upon  sitting down to the table, one of the ladies remarked, "I'm afraid to touch anything. What if something breaks?"

I explained that this was no problem, if indeed it happened. She was referring to material things, most of which could be replaced. If it couldn't be replaced it's still not of greater importance than people.

Some things I choose to live by:

  • People are more important than things.
  • If you have it, use it.
  • If you don't use it, get rid of it.
  • Start with whatever you have. Don't wait for things to be "perfect" to reach out. 
  • Use whatever you have for the greatest good that you can.
  • Share. Be hospitable. Open your heart and home to others.

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

I Accomplished My New Year's Resolutions! (You Can Too!)

For the first time, ever -- I accomplished all of my new year's resolutions this year except for two, and one doesn't even count!

**Happy dance**

Here's the deal: one is still in progress. It's well on it's way, but not done all the way.  I'm a poet or a prophet depending on the day! So...in all fairness, I'm not calling it accomplished just yet. 

The second unaccomplished resolution didn't happen because early in the year, God told me it wasn't something I was supposed to do anymore -- to take it off my list.

So I did.

What was different about 2013?

In previous years, I made a dream list that pretty much included everything but the kitchen sink. Ironically I got a new kitchen sink this year.

And at the end of each year in the past, usually only a few items on my long dream list was accomplished. A few is better than nothing but still, it felt defeating.

I was feeling an urge to do things differently for this year. I began praying about it last August and by November, I made a list of what I called "Investments."

Thursday, November 28, 2013

7 Things I Love About Larry Shrodes

Today is Thanksgiving AND it's also my husband's birthday!

 How fitting. I'm extremely thankful for him.

In particular, here are seven things I'm grateful for:

1) He's funny. His sense of humor is the first thing that attracted me to him.

2) He's a great father. He spends a lot of time with each of our kids, and always has.

3) He comforts me. If he knows there's something wrong, he doesn't rest easy until I talk to him about it and he is good at talking me through things.

4) He prioritizes family things. Doing things as a family is his favorite thing to do.

5) He cooks. So do I, but I get tired. And I love knowing that at least half the time, somebody else is doing the cooking and it actually tastes amazing. He's always making new dishes and serving up older favorites. Some of my favorite things that he makes are ~ pierogies, spaghetti, crepes, and a dish he created called, "breakfast potato salad."

6) He loves to try new things. He's very adventurous. Whether it's traveling to a town we've never been to, or trying an exotic food, he's up for it.

7) He's great at a lot of things I'm not great at. He has a lot of talents I don't possess like mathematical knowledge, fixing things, even figuring out the plot of movies when I'm still going, "Huh? What just happened?" I rely on his strengths, which are many.

Happy birthday babe! You're the best.


Sunday, November 17, 2013

5 Things About My Husband That I'm Thankful For

1) He doesn't give up. He sticks with things, working hard on them,  long after most people quit.  He stays the course even when he's down emotionally or physically. When things aren't going the way he wants them to, he just keeps moving forward. 

2) He  likes me to be beside him. Always wants me in his world. Hates when I'm not, for some reason. 

3) He's the most committed "family man" I know. I've never worried that he's going to do something "crazy" in the sense of a mid-life crisis that would include coming home with a sports car or leaving our family to "find himself."  He's really the most stable person I know. 

4) He's the most sentimental person I know. One day he told me, "If I had to pick a theme for my life it would be making memories with my family." I don't really know that I recall ever hearing a man say that.

5) He has sweet habits that are long lasting. Like when I say to him, "What's going on?" he always (and I mean always) answers, "You're goin' on, baby!" And when I call to him from the other room and say, "Larry???" he always says, "Yes, my love?" These are just two of his little things he says. He's done them for so many years I can't remember when he   started.  Whenever he writes me a note he always ends it with, "Love you forever and ever and then some..."

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When You Deal With Stuff That Doesn't Make Sense

This happens to me all the time! In addition to going through it myself, I have a front row seat when unexpected things go wrong in other people's lives, being that I'm a pastor. When senseless things happen, I witness people's frustration up close and personal and I grieve with them.

Many times people want to know, "Why?" 

I saw this coffee cup recently in my travels to thrift stores. (Second hand stores are my favorite places to shop.) I have more than enough coffee cups at home and the office but I knew I had to have this one for my collection. It's my new favorite!

There are problems that will never be understood in the natural. When ungodly actions are involved, it's doubtful it will ever be explained. This is because sin never makes sense. And there we go, always trying to figure it out!

 Although I don't know have an explanation for why things happen the way they do, I do know God. And in those times, it's all that matters.

We don't always need to understand the problem as long as we know the One who can solve it.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Nothing Compares to THIS Day! Here's Why...

Twenty four years ago today at 12:45 AM, at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, in Camden, New Jersey... it happened.

 I became the mother of one of the greatest people to ever walk the planet.
And, I met my first blood relative.

It was my first time to ever look into the face of a relative who resembled me in any way.

I will never forget looking into his little face, and seeing something of myself. This was that moment...

Looking at my newborn son while the cord is cut...

The wonder.
The awe.

Life with him has been the best experience, ever.

With his Daddy after getting all cleaned up.

Our new little family, a few days after he was born.

His first Sunday in church, one week after birth.

He has always loved pizza. This works out well now that he's a youth pastor.

He has always loved to sleep. He rarely gets to these days, he's so busy.
He has always been drawn to music, and gifted at it.

He figured out how to program the keyboard when he was two.
He couldn't wait to drive!
Has always loved dogs. This was his first, Smitty, who we had when he was born.
He has always loved to laugh.
He always looks so handsome dressed up.

He's has always loved cookies.

He has always made us proud, every day.

Happy birthday, Dustin! You will always be my baby no matter how old you get.


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

When You Want Speaking Invitations

Are you totally itching to get speaking invitations?

Here's something you might want to think about.

Time Out

I took the summer off from traveling to speak outside the church. Even before my natural mother got diagnosed with cancer or passed away, I did this because I needed a time out.

It wasn't a hard decision to say no to invitations, because home is my favorite place to be.

I had no aspirations to go anywhere in 2014, except for my preaching trip to Africa which is already scheduled. I'd be perfectly fine should Jesus just decide to keep me here. It would be nice to not have to flat iron my hair yet again. 

But this past week people have started to reach out to me about scheduling for the months ahead.  So I'm open, and praying and saying, "Whatever you want, Lord."

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Nothing Compares to This!

There's nothing like being away with my amazzzzzzing Celebration ladies and teen girls, but there's also nothing like getting in the car and coming home.

Coming home means being reunited with the love of my life.

Hugs from my boys and kissing their stubbly faces. (Savanna Rose was with me on this trip.)

Being greeted by my leaping fur-kids.

One day closer to seeing everybody in our church family.

Nothing compares to loving now.
And I do.

I am most blessed among women.

Thursday, October 10, 2013


My Celebration Church ladies pray for me. 

Fierce 2013 -- our Fall Breakaway for the AG women and teen girls  here in Florida kicks off today!  I'm the rep for the Tampa Bay area and even more than the privilege of serving on this great leadership team, I love being away with our church women and girls.

 There is nothing like being a "church mama," and I am one. :)  Have been for 26 years. There is nothing that compares to investing in the lives of people and seeing changes in their hearts. There is nothing I want more than to see our ladies and girls walk in the fullness of God.

I'm ready for all that God has for us the next few days. Those of us on the leadership team have been here since 4 pm yesterday, setting up. There's so much amazingness in store for almost 1800 women and girls, they have NO idea!!

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

When You Want Your Spouse to Change Something And They Won't

Sometimes I desperately want my husband to make a change in some way that I know will benefit me, our family, the church or maybe even the world.

It's not always something big.

It could be a small thing that I know may not seem significant to him  but is a big deal to me. And for whatever reason, he doesn't want to change it or see the need to change it.

The purpose of this post isn't to bash my husband. First, I love him...so much.  Second, there have been things he'd like to change about me. This issue goes both ways. I believe everyone's spouse probably has something they'd like to change if they had a magic wand.  Third, I'm simply being transparent and opening up my inner world to help others with theirs. So here goes...

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"I Would Rather"
A Poem for My Husband


I would rather wake up beside you at home,
than awaken in the finest hotel anywhere in the world, without you.

I would rather eat peanut butter and jelly with you
than dine in the most critically acclaimed restaurant
in town, without you.

I would rather live penniless with you
than wealthy without you.

I would rather spend a day with you in the most boring or dangerous place in the world,
than live out my day in the most beautiful or safe of surroundings.

I would rather snuggle up with you on the couch and listen to the rain all day
than go on an all-expenses paid luxurious vacation without you.

I would rather be your wife,
than anyone else's.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Available Now: HOPE.
Wide Selection.

Recently I was shopping at Sephora with my dear friends, Amanda Woolston and Julie Stromberg, and came upon this...

Hope in a jar! As if!

I thought to myself, "I so wish it worked that way. I would love to just grab a jar of hope off of the shelf at the store, when I need it."

And then the Lord spoke to me right there and said, "You do."

You get hope just like that, in many forms! Hope is packaged up for us in different ways.

We get it in the Word of God, in the presence of God, in emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, blog posts, phone conversations, over cups of coffee.

He sends hope in the way we need, when we need it.

Hope is there for the taking.


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Because He Lives, I Can...


Last night I played the piano, for the first time in six weeks!

Anyone who knows me realizes how odd that is, particularly being that playing the keyboard and leading worship is part of my ministry, and yes...when you get down to it, my job.

I hadn't given much thought to playing, other than being relieved I didn't have to for a while. I attended another church during my time away, taking in what I needed to nourish my wounded soul.

After dinner last night I sat down on the piano bench at my house and just let my fingers do the walking. They instinctively went to:

"Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, all fear is gone.
Because I know, He holds the future.
And life is worth the living, just because He lives."

Tomorrow is my first day back to our church, in six weeks. 

Ready or not, here I come...


Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's Unlocks the Answer to Life's Problems?

Serious prayer requests? I've got 'em. I'm sure you do too.

Matters of life and death in people's lives.
Children's futures.
Marriage and family needs.
Inner healing.
Asking God for justice.

I am reminded, we don't always know how God is going to answer, but we need to be faithful in letting Him know what's on our heart.

A while back I decided I wanted to take my bike to some local places I needed to go, and be able to lock it up. Sometimes I'd rather take my bike to a local store or a friend's house than take our car.  So I purchased a bike lock. My kids thought it was funny that I got one that had letters rather than numbers. I hate remembering numbers. I'm an alphabet kind of person.

Thursday, September 05, 2013

When You've Got to Go THROUGH to Get What's Coming to You...

"See, I have refined you, though not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction." Isaiah 48:10

Walking well worn path I've trod daily for almost a month, I've learned many things.

Some of them I haven't wanted to learn and would have had a holy-freak-out okay maybe an unholy one if you would have told me prior that I'd be learning them.

Years ago when going through a challenge that preceded major learning and growth in my life, someone asked me, "Could you have learned this any other way, Deanna? Would it have been possible by reading a textbook, or listening to someone else's experience?"

No, it wouldn't.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Stuff I Adore That Costs Little to Nothing...

Okay...taking a break today from writing about heavy things...like grief, loss, and bawling.

Time to write about random stuff today that nobody may be interested in reading. Nevertheless here it is...

Stuff I adore that costs little to nothing...

Listening to playlists I make on (free) Spotify

Drinking out of canning jars

Reading books again that I already have on my shelf.

Walking and riding my bike.

Admiring crepe myrtle trees.

Taking a bath in the daytime with the lights off in the room. (Natural light.)


Snuggling with my husband or one of the kids and watching a movie at home.

Having all noise turned off when no one is home. (No TV, no music, just silence.)


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Okay is Bleeechhh.

I hate okay.

Okay reeks of mediocrity.

"Did you like that restaurant?"

"It was okay."

"How was the concert?"

"It was okay."

Yeah....not appealing.

Who wants their husband to say, “My wife is.....okay?”
I want Larry to say, “My wife is amazing. She is all that. She’s the best thing ever.”

Not, “She’s okay.” 
He may as well say, “My wife is hell."

Over the years I've asked Larry what I could do to better meet his needs.

Sometimes I've failed but I hope I've succeeded more.

I don’t want my kids to say, “My mom’s okay.”
I want them to say, “She’s the best mom ever. “

My amazzzzzinggggggg kids, Christmas Day 2012
About ten years ago, I asked all my kids  to give me a grade on being a mom. I believe evaluation is very important to improvement in every area of our life, including marriage and family.

Two of my kids gave me an A. One kid gave me an F. 

Yes, an "F".

I failed. 

 Now, I could have said, “Ahhhh…it’s just sour grapes because I've disciplined them a little more than the other two lately.” But I think it’s important to listen to your kids and find out why they feel the way they do. So I said,  "How did I get this F, and how can I bring up the grade?" 

The child shared with me some ways they felt I was not meeting their needs. Moms are supposed to meet needs, you know. We may not be able to provide all of a child's wants, nor might it be wise to, but caring about their needs is very important. 
I listened closely. Took notes. Thought of some areas I may not have listened enough or been attentive enough. Then took some steps to improve things. Our relationship got closer. Over the years they became the child who seems to sing my praises the most. I don’t do things so my children will give accolades, but my point is, I don’t want to be just an okay mom.

I don’t want to be an okay anything.

What about you? Are you content with okay, or striving for more? Are you open to evaluation to get there? 

Thursday, August 08, 2013

How Do I Do It? (This is How...)

Jesus Calling, Sarah Young

This was my reading on Tuesday in Jesus Calling.

It fit perfectly to strengthen me for the days ahead. During various points in my life people have asked how I've made it through, victoriously. There is nothing like the way God's presence speaks to us, leads us, and gives us grace for the journey.

I encourage you, call on Him. He will speak and give you strength that quite frankly, doesn't make sense.