7 Things I Love About Larry Shrodes

Today is Thanksgiving AND it's also my husband's birthday!

 How fitting. I'm extremely thankful for him.

In particular, here are seven things I'm grateful for:

1) He's funny. His sense of humor is the first thing that attracted me to him.

2) He's a great father. He spends a lot of time with each of our kids, and always has.

3) He comforts me. If he knows there's something wrong, he doesn't rest easy until I talk to him about it and he is good at talking me through things.

4) He prioritizes family things. Doing things as a family is his favorite thing to do.

5) He cooks. So do I, but I get tired. And I love knowing that at least half the time, somebody else is doing the cooking and it actually tastes amazing. He's always making new dishes and serving up older favorites. Some of my favorite things that he makes are ~ pierogies, spaghetti, crepes, and a dish he created called, "breakfast potato salad."

6) He loves to try new things. He's very adventurous. Whether it's traveling to a town we've never been to, or trying an exotic food, he's up for it.

7) He's great at a lot of things I'm not great at. He has a lot of talents I don't possess like mathematical knowledge, fixing things, even figuring out the plot of movies when I'm still going, "Huh? What just happened?" I rely on his strengths, which are many.

Happy birthday babe! You're the best.