When You Deal With Stuff That Doesn't Make Sense

This happens to me all the time! In addition to going through it myself, I have a front row seat when unexpected things go wrong in other people's lives, being that I'm a pastor. When senseless things happen, I witness people's frustration up close and personal and I grieve with them.

Many times people want to know, "Why?" 

I saw this coffee cup recently in my travels to thrift stores. (Second hand stores are my favorite places to shop.) I have more than enough coffee cups at home and the office but I knew I had to have this one for my collection. It's my new favorite!

There are problems that will never be understood in the natural. When ungodly actions are involved, it's doubtful it will ever be explained. This is because sin never makes sense. And there we go, always trying to figure it out!

 Although I don't know have an explanation for why things happen the way they do, I do know God. And in those times, it's all that matters.

We don't always need to understand the problem as long as we know the One who can solve it.