5 Things About My Husband That I'm Thankful For

1) He doesn't give up. He sticks with things, working hard on them,  long after most people quit.  He stays the course even when he's down emotionally or physically. When things aren't going the way he wants them to, he just keeps moving forward. 

2) He  likes me to be beside him. Always wants me in his world. Hates when I'm not, for some reason. 

3) He's the most committed "family man" I know. I've never worried that he's going to do something "crazy" in the sense of a mid-life crisis that would include coming home with a sports car or leaving our family to "find himself."  He's really the most stable person I know. 

4) He's the most sentimental person I know. One day he told me, "If I had to pick a theme for my life it would be making memories with my family." I don't really know that I recall ever hearing a man say that.

5) He has sweet habits that are long lasting. Like when I say to him, "What's going on?" he always (and I mean always) answers, "You're goin' on, baby!" And when I call to him from the other room and say, "Larry???" he always says, "Yes, my love?" These are just two of his little things he says. He's done them for so many years I can't remember when he   started.  Whenever he writes me a note he always ends it with, "Love you forever and ever and then some..."