When You Want Speaking Invitations

Are you totally itching to get speaking invitations?

Here's something you might want to think about.

Time Out

I took the summer off from traveling to speak outside the church. Even before my natural mother got diagnosed with cancer or passed away, I did this because I needed a time out.

It wasn't a hard decision to say no to invitations, because home is my favorite place to be.

I had no aspirations to go anywhere in 2014, except for my preaching trip to Africa which is already scheduled. I'd be perfectly fine should Jesus just decide to keep me here. It would be nice to not have to flat iron my hair yet again. 

But this past week people have started to reach out to me about scheduling for the months ahead.  So I'm open, and praying and saying, "Whatever you want, Lord."

Something I've noticed...

I've observed people who wrestle so much with the desire to speak. Some of them are so eager, I really believe they might consider anything it might take to get an invitation.

Some of those people have asked me, "How do you get speaking invitations? and to that I can only say...stop making it your world.

If getting an invitation is your goal, that's an issue.

Because just having an opportunity to share has never been what it's really about.
Whatever you say is more about the people you're speaking to than it is about you.

Otherwise, it's just irrelevant.

If you're obsessed with getting an invitation, you may not even be hearing anything from God in the meantime to have anything to say once you actually get it.

How can you receive a powerful message that will make a difference in the people's lives if you're so consumed with getting an open door?

I find if you stay in the zone and focus on the message, the invite takes care of itself.

Something else I've noticed...

It has always intrigued me that people seem to want to hear from people who don't really care if they get invited.

It's kind of strange that way.

There's a freedom about not caring if you get invited back, or get invited in the first place that helps you to speak better.

If one is worried about what people think, it could cause them to hold back from boldly speaking truth that needs to be shared. 

Sometimes I say radical things when I preach okay a lot of the time, and I think, "These people will probably never invite me back..."

Either way, it's fine.

Because I'm perfectly happy sitting here curled up on a chair, reading a book.

And if I get invited back, I do.

And if I don't, I don't.

More time to watch I am Sam with Jordan and my dogs.
More time to take a bath in my big tub. 
More time to snuggle with the best husband in the universe.

And for what it's worth...

I've also never pushed marketing materials on anybody or advertised. I do have business cards prepared and tucked away in my briefcase, because people ask. And I have my speaking page online. When people ask you to speak, they want something to refer to in writing. And it gets old telling them you don't have it. 

 I've never once said to someone: "Hey, you need to have me in to speak sometime..." 

When people have done that to me it's just so...irritating.

Every invitation I've had has come about because of word of mouth from others who appreciated what they experienced when I came and spoke for them.

When you are content, things seem to come to you without having to push.

If you have to push a door open you'll always have to stand there holding it open. If God opens a door, nobody can shut it.

For what it's worth, it's just what I've noticed.

 "I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."  Philippians 4:11