Anything is Possible!

This is our theme for service at Celebration today -- "Anything is Possible!" Larry will preach a message on this theme. We're having coffee and donuts in our cafe this morning followed by service and this will include songs of celebration about the resurrection, an egg hunt for the kids and some surprises along the way. 

Our Easter table is set at home. Our family is ready for a great meal with friends after church. 

My husband made a ham last night. His ham is theeeeeeeeeee best. Everyone loves it. It's a cherry glazed ham. I took a photo last night as he started making it...

 I made some hash brown potato casserole to go with this, and stuffed eggs (I make them with a touch of Old Bay Seasoning...mmm mmm good!), creamed corn and green beans and Cuban bread, and dessert and coffee.

Larry spent yesterday canvassing the neighborhoods by the church, inviting people to come today. He did the same thing with a team last Saturday. He had a lot of things to tie up for this morning, and I worked at home.

I cooked, cleaned the entire house, did the weeding outside, trimmed all the bushes and bleached the mailbox. I did everything but trimming the queen palms in our yard, as I'm just too short. I tried it with a ladder one day and almost had an accident. (LOL) So Larry came home from the office and trimmed those yesterday.  I've blogged about this before but if you are a reader who is unaware, we live in a neighborhood that is pretty strict with the Homeowners Association and if you don't do stuff like keep your mailbox bleached, you get fined. Yeah...oh joy.  The upside of this is that most homes and yards in our neighborhood look great.

This is our house in case you've never been to visit us...

Now you can picture where I live. And this is the lake in the backyard of our house...our view from the patio.  I always envision myself sitting out there drinking my Caribou coffee in the mornings. But there have been few if any mornings like that. Although I have great intentions, things like taking care of the dogs and starting to work on my computer takes priority over sitting outside.

I love our neighborhood, it's just a lot of work. :)  And more "rules" than I ever imagined.
I know I said I was going to share something else about the Four Steps today, but being that it's Easter I'm going to wait til' tomorrow. So, come back in the morning.  I'm going to share something about a previous situation in my life that I now see differently that I know about the four steps. I hope you will learn along with me and apply it to your relationships and situations.

And remember...anything is possible!