Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Latest few days with my family....

Monday we went to Tarpon Springs with Kim, Dave and Lexi. We ate at Hellas, and then just walked around the shops all day and headed over to Howard Park afterwards to the beach to watch the sunset.

It was really beautiful. They loved it.

Yesterday they were all at Busch Gardens, but I chose not to go being that it's really not my thing and I would have just been a drag, quite honestly. I will never use the pass again and didn't want to spend the money, so I had a quiet day at home by myself...which is extremely needed right now.

As far as my situation I've been going through it actually just got a bit worse. I got a negative report yesterday. For all of you who have been praying, I just ask that you pray even harder if possible. :-) Thank you so much. I mean it (not just cliches or the "thing to say" here) but I REALLY MEAN IT when I say thank you for holding me up -- you'll never know what it means.

I just have to believe that God has a miracle in's my only option, so I have to believe.


Melissa said...

PD-Sean and I are praying for you. I ask for special prayer for you on Sunday and stood in proxy as we had the elders of our church annoint and lay hands on me for you. I know God is still in the miracle business and believe that He can and will preform one for you. God knew aboutt his situation way before it was revealed to you and I know that He has a plan that will knock your socks off. Believing with you and for you for your miracle today!

Tara Sloan said...

We are praying and will continue to do so until you get your breakthrough! Then we will all rejoice with you!!!!
Love you!

Aaron said...

Prayed for ya some more:-) Check 'ahoosierfamily'. Sharon's vodcast talks about the 'bad reports'. Our job is to follow God's voice and not the bad report. Keep on keeping on!

Anonymous said...

God brings you to my mind frequently, and whenever He does, I pray. And He is a God of miracles...I don't know the specifics, but my favorite passage of Scripture to read when I'm going through a hard time is Psalm 56. Powerful stuff!