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Start praying for me, friends

Pastor T spoke with the casting director of the show. They liked his and my husband's "story" so much, they do not even need to show up at the first round of interviews, which are tomorrow. They are moving straight on to the next round, which is Tuesday in Ft. Lauderdale.

All of you who read my blog are my friends, so I'll just tell you what's on the top of my head right now. The fun is just starting for me, and I'm sure Misty may have the same feelings since she is a full time working Mom and college student, and children's pastor's wife.

I'm already trying to figure out how to juggle school starting on Tuesday, Dustin's follow up appointments (only one of them) on Tuesday, work, and more. This is just for an interview, not the show. If they make the show this season, that means it coinciding with a ton of things which would Africa trip, Houston conference, yada yada yada. Not to mention...I have a church to keep going. Of course I'll still do all that, it will just require leaping a zillion tall buildings in a single bound.

I've never had to think twice about sacrificing for Jesus. But I have to think...a lot...about sacrificing for a reality show. (Especially one they might not win - no guarantees.) If they win, it could be the best thing to ever happen...or on the other hand if they don't, it could be...a nightmare. (At least for us wives. I know they'd have a great time, no doubt. But we'd have so much to juggle, I don't even WANT to think about it right now but can't help it.)

Well, there is one good thing about this that is in my mind right now. IF they end up doing this, and IF Misty and I do go through the balancing act that will be required for months time, I know one thing...her and I are in for an incredible reciprocal blessing!!! When it's all over, I think there will be no doubt some of the things I've been waiting for and "casually mentioning" to him will be reality in my life too. So maybe God is setting me up, to have "smooth sailing" on some things that have been a bit of a challenge to get Larry's agreement on? Only time will tell.

We're in for an interesting ride, folks. Pray about it with me. I always said, I wouldn't know WHAT to do if my husband got picked for one of these things. I've always known he wanted to do one. So, now is his chance. And if they get picked, I have to look at the bright side. Besides them fulfilling a dream, it hopefully also means that Misty and I will now have more of a carte blance to as well to fulfill dreams of our hearts that we've been waiting on. At that point, hopefully our "someday" will

This could all be a moot point as they might not get picked Thursday. But if they do...let the games begin.


Sharon said…
What? No hints as to which show? :0)
Tara Sloan said…
DEANNA! This is SOOOO awesome! WOW! WOW! WOW! Think of what publicity (ok I'm going for the OPTIMISTIC view here) this could bring Northside and your ministry!!!! Pretend it's a missions trip- I think this is SO great! It may be difficult but what a chance of a lifetime!
Okay, a hint...well, I don't want to screw anything up in case they aren't supposed to say anything, but let's put it this way...

The opposite of winning is...????

Is that enough of a hint? If not let me know I'll give you another one.

Tara, I know, I know, I know. I agree with you. Our CP said, "maybe we'll even win everybody in the house to the Lord." Wow, that would be awesome, I totally agree. And the publicity? You are so right.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy for them if this pans out. It could be the most awesome thing ever. BUT, (and here's the big but..., no pun intended...) I probably need to call you (in fact I wanted to so bad tonight but it's already midnight) and talk. As you know, sometimes Larry is a little naive about how much I really have on my shoulders already. Just go back on my blogs and read about all that I need to re-structure right now to stay sane. I'm already dealig with issues of having to come to an understanding with unloading some things.

In my opinion, a man saying, "guess what, I'm going on a reality show" and suddenly making the decision to be gone from October through January is quite a surprise, but not one I can't handle as long as he understands what I need help if he does that. Well, he's JUST AS SURPRISED (in fact, shocked) when I said, "awesome! that's great! I have no issue with that at all as long as you realize I'm going to get someone (translation: hire someone) to clean the house, and help with the kids. He was not a happy camper. He just sees me handle so much all the time and thinks, "what's a bit more? And only for a few months..." Well, here is the thing - I handle the majority of everything myself now anyway, but my point is, it's not just a matter of having the kids on my own, it's a matter of doing my job, AND his job, my speaking engagements outside the church that are already booked (including 9 days away in Africa in Nov.), doing every single appointment for the kids, yada yada yada. Again, I have no problem with it, as long as he doesn't mind me hiring out help. I'm already stretched to the brink and I don't know where I'd get anymore time to do anything more. And Tara, I think we've talked about this before - my husband is so tight he can pinch a penny til it screams.

Our children's pastor and his wife have already talked about it and if they makethe show, her grandmother would come and stay with her during that time and help with everything. (her grandma is a young grandma, very active and helpful and would take care of things well during that time.)

Larry keeps saying, "why are we even talking about this? We haven't even made the show yet." True. But I just want him to understand, this isn't negotiable with me...if he does the show, I'm getting help, it's that simple. And I told him I don't want to rely on volunteers...they aren't always reliable and it's like this - I would have a church to run exclusively, a speaking schedule, kids schedules to keep up with - I can't just "hope" that somebody is available and have things slip through the cracks- I have to KNOW somebody is there when I can't be. You can't just leave your children to fend for themselves. I'm sure you are all Moms/wives...with your heads on straight. :-) Sometimes men just don't "get it."

Tonight he says to me, "well, if YOU went on a reality show a few months, do you think I would hire somebody to do the house?" I said, "no, you'd let it fall down to the point of being condemned, and that's exactly why I would insist that if I went on the show you'd have to hire somebody to come through and clean at least once a week so I wouldn't come home to a pig stye. It wouldn't be worth it to me to go if I knew my house would be ruined when I got home. And furthermore, I would make arrangements for the children before I left. I would go the show, yes, but not without charting everything out to plan for the kids, where they would be - who they would be with, and make sure they are taken care of. You just don't leave your kids alone or with just "anybody". Okay Moms, I know you are feeling me here...right?
Anonymous said…
Oh, man...just when I was trying to wean myself OFF reality t.v., lol!! If your husband and/or your children's pastor get picked, I'm going to HAVE to watch it (and I think I figured it out from your hint!).

I hear you on the difference between how a man takes care of a house and how a woman takes care of a house. Although my husband really surprised me when I was at camp this week. He cleaned the entire house other than the bathroom (that's my room that I insist on cleaning because I don't think anyone else does it right ;o).) - including dusting and vacuuming.

So take that as an encouragement: if my husband can act so "out of character" for him (he just lost about 20,000 man points for doing that, lol!!), then maybe yours will come around, too...

I'll be praying!
Tara Sloan said…
I knew it! I knew it! They are holding open casting here in Chicago next weekend and I've "toyed" with the idea of going BUT, I really want to try this on my own first... (see my recent posting to know what I'm talking about). But I'd LOVE to see Larry and Pastor T on there! I d love the show!
Your greatest trait HAS to be optimism...I love you...and responded to your tag.

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