Book giveaway starts TODAY!

Today begins a book giveaway here on the blog!  The more times you comment, the greater chance you have to win!

A friend at Charisma House asked if I'd like to review some books and give some away.  What a delightful idea!  We will be giving away several books over the next few weeks.  I do need to let you know that these books have been provided to me free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

So here's how it's gonna work...for every time a reader leaves a comment on any of this week's blog posts today through Thursday, November 3 at midnight, or on the facebook comment thread when the same post publishes there, I will enter your name in the drawing one time.  You can comment more than once a day!  You get your name entered every single time you post.  So, comment away!  Let your voice be heard!    We will draw the winner's name at midnight on Thursday and announce it Friday morning.  The book will be mailed to you.. 
The first book we are giving away is A Cry for Justice by Shelley Hundley.

The daughter of American missionaries, Shelley Hundley was born in Colombia, and grew up on the campus of a seminary that trained leaders to serve in what was one of the most violent nations in the world. After suffering abuse at the hands of a minister in the community, she turns from God—angry and confused that He could allow this to happen.

In A Cry for Justice, Hundley uses her story as a backdrop to show how she found healing from the pain, guilt, and shame of the abuse she endured as a child and how she came to know Jesus in a new way—as a righteous judge who fights for His people and takes upon Himself the burden of our injustices and pain.

The story of Shelley Hundley’s journey from bitter atheist to wholehearted lover of God is unique. Yet what she learned on this journey is relevant to every person who has ever been hurt and has silently wondered, “Who will fight for me? Who can make the wrong things right?”

Shelley Hundley is one of the original interns who helped launch the International House of Prayer under Mike Bickle’s leadership and has been on the senior leadership of IHOP-KC since its inception in 1999. She currently serves as vice president of training at International House of Prayer University in Kansas City, Missouri. Fluent in four languages, Shelley is passionate to see the nations of the earth prepared for the return of Christ and to see 24/7 prayers for justice combined with 24/7 works of justice.

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Okay, go ahead, start commenting away!  Not sure what to say?  How about, "Hey, I'm here!"  Or, "I wanna win!"  If you are posting anonymously and want credit towards the drawing you do need to leave your name, of course. 

Happy commenting!


NikkiB said…
This book sounds perfect for me!!! Hope i win :-)
Melissa said…
Sounds like a great read! :)
Yay comments! Comments!
Anonymous said…
as woman I feel we cry to much!! I know I have!!!
sandy said…
Sounds like a great book!
heather said…
Sounds like a great testimony!
Anonymous said…
sounds great
Vanessa Mortensen said…
I love reading your facebook blogs. This website is very interesting, as well. Too bad you weren't at NS A/G when we were there. (Maybe we'd still be there....) I love to read, so any of the books would be welcomed. Thanks for the opportunity. Vanessa
Anonymous said…
Rachael Rice, I say that sounds good.
Shell said…
the book sounds awesome!
Roger Loomis said…
What a great idea--book reviews! And how generous to giveaway free copies. I'm always searching for a good book. I read them, and then pass them along to others!
Chris george said…
I love your blog. I am so glad you got a new domain! Keep it going!
Faux Family said…
I love these kinds of books. The story sounds amazing!
Becky Faux
I know, right?
Rebecca Wieder said…
Of the things I have been thru in the past 25 yrs, Im sure I can relate to her on some points. Its good to know that people have went thru aobut the same things we have. It helps to know that and make us stronger with our walk. Would love to win this
Terri von Wood said…
I would love to read this book and pass it on. I tried to "follow" your blog and received an Error that something was wrong with the website. When I went to FAQ's on Ninua it did say if you've changed the name of your blog or website we might be unable to follow. I would check with them to fix this because I sure you have a lot more followers than me! :)
Terri, I am checking into it right now. Try this link:

Click it and it may take you right to the page where you can click follow. I set up a new list and I am not sure why everyone did not receive the proper invitation.

Let me know if this works. If so I will try it with others who are having trouble, at least temporarily.
Gigi martin said…
I love the new blog... And the book looks like a great read... : )
Thanks Gigi. Love you