Photos from Mike's Party ~ 2

Here are some more party photos from last night, with more to come...

Me, telling stories at the party -- "Mike Memories."  So much fun!!!

Larry and I in front of one of the many fantastic cards at the museum.

Great centerpieces Mike & Donna put together for the party that we all helped decorate with.  (Those are records and marbles around them, and little "50's".)  There were 70 people ~ Mike's closest family and friends, for this party which was a catered affair.

These cupcakes were around the centerpieces and I seriously thought about eating mine first before my dinner.  The dinner was amazing by the way...spectacular food.

Entrance to Museum -- posters of Mike that were professionally made of memories thorugh the years.  There was a photo of Larry and I with him and Donna on this poster that was in the center of the room.

Mike's baby photo on this HUGE cardboard poster at the entrance.  I signed the butt and put, "No buts about it Mike, you are amazing!!!  We love you and are so glad we got to share this night with you...Deanna & Larry".  :)