Sunday, November 16, 2008

Amazing live update from Buru Buru!

This morning was nothing short of amazing at Buru Buru AG! God changed up all our plans as He's so good at doing! I was supposed to preach the morning service at Buru Buru and then quickly head to the orphanage in Limuru for the dedication. However things changed. The Spirit of God fell so mightily in the first service at Buru Buru and we had such a breakthrough that the pastor asked me to stay to preach for the next service! I was not scheduled to do that since we were going the orphanage. Understanding what God was doing and wanting it to continue in the church this morning Dr. Kuert said he would be glad to release me to the church for the day and have them take care of Sue and I and bring us home to the missionary compound when all of the ministry was done at the church.

What a time we had!!! I had 45 minutes to preach in the first service because we needed to end right on time so that the second service people could come in. I gave the service back over to the pastor to conclude however it kept moving in such a great way that the pastor handed me the microphone and said, "please keep going." The presence of God came in such a great way and I have to confess I hardly knew what to do or how to even conclude such a thing standing there just watching what the Lord was doing, but the second service did need to start . Finally I somehow brought it to a conclusion and gave it back to the pastor and went down to seat thinking I was leaving in the few moments to travel to Limuru, however plans quickly changed that I was staying over. Pastor Tembu said, "Church, our guest is staying to preach the second service. I encourage everyone to just stay and hear it again and if there was absolutely anything you did not somehow get from God in this first service, you need to stay and let him finish his work in this next service!!"

We had the second service....again a phenomenal response however it was it's own unique move from the first service. At the conclusion one of the deacons rushed over and said, "Pastor Deanna, the Lord has moved so mightily this morning...I am going to talk to our pastor and suggest you come here for a 3-day city wide crusade." At that very moment, Pastor Jane Tembu (the co-pastor) ran over and said, "Pastor Deanna, after this morning's service my immediate thought is that we want you to come for a 3-day crusade!" She and deacon both looked at each amazed in realizing that both had thought and said that without talking to each other about it! Meanwhile when they said this I was standing next to Sue and said, "I am so excited I want to scream right now but I have to save my voice..." (GRIN)

We went up to the pastor's office afterwards and some women in the church had brought in some food to feed us since we missed lunch with the Kuerts, and had been at the church all day and afternoon. We sat in the office with the lead pastors and ate a traditional Kenyan meal. Some of the staff served us. There are 8 pastors on staff. In between the two services the staff also served the lead Pastors and Sue and myself tea, and traditional kenyan breakfast pastries . These are such amazingly loving and hospitable people.

We are all so excited about what God did this morning and what He wants to do in the future. They are also still wanting Larry and I to come and do the marriage conference for their pastors as well. So much to do and only one lifetime!

Being back in this city and in this place today only strengthens my bond and love for the African people and passion to do all that I can to help them. If I had to leave Kenya today I could already say that God has done an amazing breakthrough!!! Today was worth it in and of itself. But I'm so glad the best is yet to come...we still have the women's conference. Please be in prayer, as I am believing for even greater breakthroughs from our miracle working God. Sue is absolutely amazed at this place and she has fallen in love with the African people just like I knew she would. I told her I'll be there to put my arm around her and let her cry as long as she needs to when it comes time to leave them and in the days when she is longing for the fervency that we have experienced in this place, in America. At this moment I do not have photos of the service as we are back at the compound but Dr. Kuert is not and he did all the photography this morning at the service.

Tomorrow morning I speak to their leaders at 10 AM. That's 2 am EST. Be in prayer for a great refreshing for these wonderful servants of God.

Love to all...


Tami said...

I found your blog through a friend. As a fellow lover of Africa I am truly enjoying read what God is doing and how He is moving!!
I will continue to pray for you and for the people of Africa. I wish I was there with you to see it first hand!
Tami Moreno
African Dreams -

Melissa said...

How cool! God has a way of changing our plans doesn't he! We again lifted you, Sue and Larry up in prayer in our services. Love you!

Aaron said...

I expected something special today. God had me praying right in line with what happened! Loving the updates! It's so inspiring to know our prayers are being answered. We hang on for what to pray next in expectation for God to answer once again! Yea God!

Sharon said...

PRAISE THE LORD! Wow, what an experience.

I know you're busy, but I'm hoping I can have your permission to post this blog post on the network? Of course I'd link to you. This is awesome, and the network needs to read this. We need to desire this in our lives, in our churches.

((Hugs and Prayers))

Debbie said...

You go girls!!! God is so good! So glad to see you and Sue are having such a great time! WOW, do I wish I would have been able to go! To feel the move of God in such a powerful way is so incredible!!!! I'm praying for you both!!!!!
Love you tons! :-)

Tara Sloan said...

Oh Deanna... I can feel your excitement all the way here! Oh God is SO good!!!!! So very, very good!!!! Keep on pushing through.. I believe you will experience an even GREATER outpouring before you leave!!!! Prophetically you will be a voice to that nation today...

Sharon said...

Thanks Deanna. Your post is scheduled to appear on the network Wednesday morning at 8:00am. :)