Family Chat

(Larry and I pull up our chairs to have our "family chat" with the leadership team tonight. We're real relational like that...)

Great day at Northside today!

The Lord really moved among us and we don't take that for granted for even one second!

This morning's service was really good with the spirit moving through the worship, right into the Lord moving in the gifts of the Spirit, into a great message from Larry about living in God's "intervals" and staying in the place of intercession as Daniel did. Powerful. Tons of comments about how much the sermon ministered to all...

Tonight was our leadership meeting which we have in our home. I love our leadership meetings. We have a great group of leaders who are very supportive. Tonight was an especially good meeting. We listened to a CD of Pastor Perry Fruscella, a friend of ours, giving a message on "How to Support Your Pastor." Well, we already have a good group of leaders but this kicked it up a notch! The message was really good in opening up some behind the scenes things that pastors deal with that most people have no clue about. It is amazing how once you clue your leadership in to some of those things, how supportive they can become if they just know about it.

Larry and I just shared openly with them tonight and poured our hearts out and they responded...

God is good.


Tara Sloan said…
Awesome! Those "arm holders" will do wonders for you both in this season!
Anonymous said…
I am so glad that it is being applied and used! We've lived out most of it in our local church. I think praying for the head pastors everyday or at least weekly is so key to progress! We get hit hard sometimes but people think that we have it made in the shade sipping lemonade. Years ago as a copastor I started making prayer cards for our family and gave them to our congregation so they would know how to be specific for us. I believe the progress we've made the last 14 years here is a result of asking for prayer! Jesus asked...Paul asked...and pastors need to be humble enough to ask as well! Of course, I am very discreet and just use scriptures applicable to our season of life. God sent us armor bearers who have blessed us beyond measure. He literally has surrounded us with people who will hold us up in the place HE has for us...not personal agenda's of others! PRAY PRAY PRAY 2as1

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