Some more photos of my surroundings

I realize most of you who read my blog have not been to my house, at least yet! Being that I'm the queen of hospitality...if you ever come anywhere near Tampa, I insist that you come and visit me! Until then, here are some photos of my house so when I blog you can picture me here...where I live, both inside and out. I think it helps as you read what a person writes to picture their here you go...

You can imagine where I am when I talk about eating at my dining room table...relaxing in my big tub...sitting out on my patio at sunset.


Melissa Davis said…
Pastor Deanna,

You have a beautiful home, not to mention that it's huge (smile). We live in an apartment at the present, I'm waiting patiently but with anticipation for the day that God blesses me with my dream home.

I love the decorating also - I dont have that gift but my husband does an awesome job - when he decides to do it (lol).
Deborah said…
I loved this would you like to see photos of my home and then when your in South Africa (because Jen and Charl have just join an AOG church where they live so I told them all about you) you can know where you going to have tea with me! and I will definetly have tea with you in tampa come 2008/9. love always me