9 Photo Sayings on Facebook That I Question

What if your glass broke? 

Really? I've been so sad I wanted to jump off a cliff and it drove me to eat cupcakes.
They are still on my thighs in the form of cellulite.

My husband doesn't think there's anything perfect about me taking all the covers every night. 

I'm a cup of dark roast coffee?

 I've read this five times and I'm still going..."What???"


It tells me that something could get into my ears and there's nothing I can do about it. Eeeee!!!

Hopefully the creator of this is not working for Hallmark.
If Larry said to me, "Deanna, you act like summer and walk like rain..." I'd wonder if he got a few medications in the cabinet mixed up.

This is just...gross.

What if they were hunted down and killed by the Mob in Chapter 20? 
Oh well, I guess comparison still isn't good.

My husband. 
He said, "Why are we in here looking for a purse? You already have a whole bunch of them at home."