Who's the Most Godly?

The other day I was going through a mental list of  everyone I know, in an effort to consider who has the most Godly character traits.

I know a lot of folks who reallllly love God.

But I was thinking, who is most consistent?

Who displays the fruits of the spirit, in most every circumstance?

Who is always loving? Kind? Peaceful? Joyful? Long suffering? Good?

I kept coming back to one...

To see who displays Godliness most in my world, keep scrolling...

Keep going...

Just a little further...

Have you already guessed who?

It is none other than...

Is it any wonder why normal human beings love animals so much? They display so much of God's character. To read a post I wrote about my "fruit of the spirit" friend, go here.

I love you Max.

Thank you for loving me. For loving everyone.


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