Should You Really Be Sharing That?

Fearful people often tell fearless people why they shouldn't do the things fearless people are doing.

"You really shouldn't be this open..."


"Well, I don't know. I just wouldn't."

If they are a Christian, they might pull the God-card on you.

"Do you feel the Lord wants you to share that?"

The Lord isn't making rounds telling people to suppress themselves, but His people are everywhere cautioning about what may not be prudent.

I have a friend who had several abortions. She has been healed and is sharing her story and helping many people. But everyone in her family isn't happy. "Can't you share about God's love without telling people that particular piece of information? Why do you have to tell people about your abortions? That's kind of it really wise to be posting about that all over the internet or Facebook? Now people everywhere know there is abortion in our family..." (This mainly comes from her parents and older members of the family who are living in what I call the "Generation of Secrets.")   

People who live in bondage are uncomfortable with those who live in freedom.
Some are are jealous of those who are free.

Don't let anyone talk you out of being free.