Dealing With a Big Change!

This week we've been on vacation near my hometown and also the place where we pastored for ten years.  Each time we return, we have the privilege of enjoying a gathering with those we formerly pastored for ten years, at the church here. Tonight there's a special event -- a dessert and coffee fellowship, to share and catch up. We are always so excited to reconnect. It's been eleven years since we moved to pastor in Tampa, and yet these folks remain precious in our hearts, never forgotten.

We had some amazing years together - memories none of us will never forget. We reminisce a lot at the gatherings when we return, and I'm sure there will be a lot of that going on tonight. Speaking of that, I just noticed that yesterday, Enrichment Journal published this article I wrote for their summer edition: Leading People Through Change Without Losing Them. The situation I reference in the article happened when we were pastoring the Maryland church.   I share about how we can navigate big changes, successfully. Join me over at Enrichment today to read about it, and then I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment thread here about change and how it affects you and others.

What have you learned about mastering changes, and leading others through them?