Those Were the Days

I look back when I was dating my husband and think of how simple life was back then.

Not that we didn't have any problems in life. Everyone has problems including teenagers, which is what we were. (He was still 19 when I married him. Yeah, we practically raised each other. Ha ha!)

You can't turn back time, nor would I want to for some reasons. (Namely that I have my three amazing offspring!) But just for one day, or even a few hours, I'd like to go back to when our greatest concern was hoping we could spend time together before curfew or wondering why the school meatloaf was orange.

I remember the exact moment these photos were snapped and what I felt like in that time.
Oh for just a moment of that weightlessness...

We're 27 years into our relationship and I'm so thankful we have each other and even more thankful we have Jesus.

I love you, babe.