Savanna's Sweet 16

I can hardly believe my baby turns sixteen years old tomorrow. Her birthday is April 21 but we had her party this evening. I always wanted a daughter. And nothing compares to the blessing of her. So grateful for sixteen years, with Savanna Rose...

Yeah, so...I'm a princess.

My brother STILL enjoys making faces behind me when I'm taking a picture...
Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes
Friends of all ages came to celebrate 
Ready to serenade me?
Hanging out on the patio
Yeah, so we had a few cupcakes.
Alexa, Cheyenne and George stopped in to give their love and well wishes!
 Once it got dark Savanna and her friends gathered around a fire on the patio.

Part time princess, part time ballerina...Multi-tasker

Beautiful girl...we love you