What Would Happen If You Took Your Own Advice?

Meeting on Sunday night with the young ladies who are part of the group I'm mentoring at Celebration, I noticed they had some fantastic advice for one another. I was impressed! (I learn just as much from the girls as they do from me!)

I followed up with a question:

What would be possible in your life if you took your own advice?

I find it always helps me to step back from my own situation and imagine I was advising a stranger with my same issue.

Rarely do I lack a sense of the wise thing to do. But I don't always make that choice, at least immediately.

A few reasons why...
  • I know it's going to require hard change.
  • I know if another party is involved, it may make them unhappy and I want to avoid drama. 
  • The pain of staying the same is not greater than the pain of changing...yet.