Visiting the Frozen Chosen

There's no one I love spending time with more than this man...

 (Look at how passionate he is when he's preaching. I love that about him...)
And these three amazinggggg people...

(Aren't they seriously THE most beautiful kids you've ever laid eyes on??!! Larry and I do a great job making babies.)

We live in a beautiful city.  But this upcoming week, we get to enjoy an equally beautiful place, the climate of which is something we're not used to any more. Right now it's fluctuating between 1 and 3 degrees. Brrrrr! I am sooooo not used to that kind of weather after 11 years of living in Tampa.

The kids love Florida but they do miss seasons and winter activities. A very special couple from Celebration Church provided our family with an incredible gift for pastor appreciation. They gave us a family vacation at their place in the Berkshires of Massachusetts!  (Yeah, I know, that's pretty much the most amazing thing, ever! We are so grateful.)

It was actually something they blessed us with last year, but getting all five of our schedules together to make it possible didn't happen til' now. 

Max and Maddie don't get to come, but they will enjoy time with an amazing sitter who will live with them at the house give them plenty of love and attention, and keep things going smoothly there.

Our house is so filled with love, even the dogs snuggle.
I'm a happy wife and momma.

If my face doesn't crack from the cold, it just might crack from smiling so much.