Sometimes Truth Bumps

There are times truth bumps into somebody else's comfortable world.

It's there that we are tempted to be silent about the truth. We are tempted to compromise, to retreat back where we are safe from hurting anyone's feelings.

To be sure, we don't set out to hurt another's feelings. But sometimes truth bumps into them and creates an unintended wound.

It's important at that point to remember, it's not about us.

It was never about us.

When truth bumps and it hurts, it's their issue. Totally their issue.  And when they react, they aren't reacting at us but at truth, which can be extremely uncomfortable. Almost unbearable in fact.

Why forge ahead when it would be so much easier to stop and avoid all that?  

 "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." ~Edmund Burke