Introverts and Sunsets and Reading Minds and Stuff

My sister and I are back in Tampa and although she doesn't leave until early Saturday morning, I'm starting to have withdrawals.

I miss our special table at Waffle House.

We are both creatures of order and routine!

Both introverts. (Yes, did you know I was an introvert? If not, you probably don't know me real well.) An introvert or extrovert doesn't refer to whether you are shy or can speak in front of a crowd. The true definition lies in how you recharge.) Almost no one ever believes I'm an introvert when I tell them, but I promise you on a stack of Bibles, I'm a classic INFJ. It's the most rare personality type on the planet -- only 1% of people have this type. I'm convinced Shari is this same exact type but I haven't been able to get her to take the test yet. Maybe today!

I will miss watching the sunset with her.

Sitting together, yet not always talking.

Being fully willing and able to speak, yet not needing to every second.

Already knowing a lot of the time what the other is thinking.