Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are...

Yoo hoo................

Are you in there, Deanna?

Some of you wonder where I've been.

Others may be so busy knocking out your new year's resolutions you didn't stop to notice that I'm blogging here part of the time and elsewhere part of the time now.

I haven't left,  and have no intentions to. I'm just getting the party started over at Adoptee Restoration. We're 19 days in and it's been an amazing journey for me. It also seems to be making a difference in hearts and lives. The comment thread is super active and my email mailbox has been too much to handle on some days. I try to end each day with an empty box but on a few days I didn't manage it. I guess I need to take my own advice.  It's not good in the sense that there are really that many hurting people out there and in another sense it's awesome to be part of meeting a need!

Today, I'm blogging at the community that started it all for me...Lost Daughters. I enjoy my LD sisterhood to a degree that can't even be fully described. And, suffice it to say even though my sisters have written some absolutely amazing posts the last 19 days and there has been no lack without me, I've sorely missed lending my voice to the mix.  So today I'm sharing about how adoption affects an adoptee in body, soul and spirit.

Join us if you dare.