Weekend Potpourri

I tried to ease back into life in Tampa on Saturday, after the cruise. Well, there was no easing in today.  It was a busy day but an excellent one.  Hearts were healed and lives were changed.

I preached today at Celebration. The message was entitled, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!" God did awesome things around the altars. There were people who were so touched, particularly one young lady. Wowwwweeee, God reallllly got ahold of her! I just wept   -- even an hour after service I was still wiping the tears before heading to Christmas show rehearsals. She was so overcome by the power of God, our young adult leaders, Mike and Sunshine, had to physically help her out as she was leaving the service.

It was a day of miracles in more ways than one.

Still I can think back and savor my memories of a week spent in such tranquil peace.