Weekend Potpourri, Part Deux

Yesterday was an overwhelming day. I didn't blog. Yeah, I know...that makes two days in a week. People might actually think the apocalypse is coming since I haven't blogged two days this week.

It's a sign of the times, friends.

Get your cans or pork and beans ready, and prepare to flee to the mountains. 

Seriously, I'm blogging today at Lost Daughters, writing at my spiritual column on the site, so check me out there today. I'm talking about why adoptees don't let go of the past. The answer may be a little different than you expect. For those who are adoptees or are those who care about them, it's important information to know.

One more day til' Christmas Eve!!  Help us, all Lord! Something tells me the world shouldn't be this stressed out on Your birthday. Oh for an opportunity to just get quiet and focus on You!