Where I'm at Today...

Today I am blogging at Lost Daughters. 

This month is National Adoption Month as well as NaBloPoMo. Many adoptees are focusing on bringing awareness to adoption reform. They are educating others about what it's like to grow up adopted, and what it's like to live as an adult adoptee in today's world.
This month we also celebrate Thanksgiving. It is particularly meaningful for me this year. It has always been my favorite holiday, and not because of the food. (Although I do love food. This cannot be denied.) I love it for many other reasons, some of which I'll share as the month goes on.

 Today I'd like to give thanks for the sisterhood at Lost Daughters. The sisters there have been very instrumental in my life this past year, and I am so grateful to God for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing group.

I'm writing posts at Lost Daughters three times this month for the series, but I encourage you to read the entire 30 day blog series because it will give you an amazing overview of some changes that need to take place in the world for adoptees.