The Sweet Life of Surrender

Do you ever wonder what it really means to surrender?

Do you ever feel like you have totally surrendered to God, only to realize you have so much further to go?

I understand.

Maybe you’ve even been mad when you think of surrender. Because to you, surrender just hurts. You think of surrender as nothing but losing. Because surrender means you might not get your own way all the time. And who doesn't want their own way?

Can I just say I’ve found it’s actually the sweetest place to be? Because it’s in the place of total surrender to God and not being hell-bent on our own way anymore where we make a difference in the world that truly counts.

When you really get there, it’s the most contented place in the world. Not content as in lazy, but content as in abandoned to God and His way of doing things. 

God showed me there is absolutely no failure in the surrendered life.

What would it be like to never, ever experience failure again?

Surrender is ALWAYS a win.

Why do I have the photo up top of the yummy looking food? Because I'm sharing this message: "The Sweet Life of Surrender" this morning at the Celebration Church Women's Brunch. Sweet food, sweet ladies, and a word that I believe will be life-changing for those who dare to take hold...