Stuff That's Rocking My World

A bunch of women have blown me away with their feedback to my Fifty Shades of Grey message. I have a follow up today on my weekly ezine, featuring some of the response. Today's message is: "Should you listen to God...or your husband?" Go here to read it, and better yet you can subscribe here so you can get my ezine in your box weekly. (Just go to the little box in the bottom left hand corner and put in your e-mail address. Once you click the link, check the "cup of coffee" to receive it.)

Also, my dear friend, Dr. Donna Sallee shared a post yesterday on Pastoring Partners Network, on the Leviathan spirit. I asked her to share this because it was such a help to me personally. Learning about this has rocked my world. Did you ever deal with something and have no idea what it was until someone educated you about it? This happened to me recently. I thought the Jezebel and Absalom spirits were pretty fierce until I came face to face with Leviathan.  Dr. Donna changed everything when she informed me about it, and I was immediately able to go to prayer to conquer it. Maybe what you're dealing with is not your may well be the Leviathan spirit. Check out the post and be informed.

Happy Wednesday, everyone!