I love times like this!

I was looking forward to bringing the teaching, "Fifty Shades of No Way," at the Pen-Florida Women's Breakaway, yesterday. (If you missed it, you can read the manuscript of my message here.) But even more than that, I was excited to have the opportunity to spend the weekend with our Celebration Church women. I got to be with them for three whole days at this conference! Enjoying God's presence together! What tops that? 

Anyone who has served as a pastor or pastor's wife can tell you, there are some challenging days. But then there are times like this that you really look forward to. You worship together, you invest, you impart, you spend extended time together in conversation, you make memories, and you laugh and laugh, and laugh some more. And most of all, God changes lives around the altar. What's not to like?

As much as I've loved spending time with the women this weekend, I'm glad to be returning home today. I love home! I've missed home! And besides that, I have an important question to ask my husband when I get there. ;)