I hate stigmas

Stigma: a distinguishing mark of social disgrace.

Who decides what they are, anyway?

What I hate about them is that because they are established by some, many don't get the help they need.

I know so many people who hold back in pursuing support or wholeness because a social stigma is attached to whatever they deal with. Whether you have a physical condition or experienced some  type of trauma, if you don't pursue help because of a stigma it makes what you go through even worse.

I am part of a support group. Sometimes I help others, and at other times I'm the one in need.

The help I receive doesn't just make things bearable, it makes walking in true victory possible.

Victory is not pasting on a smile and acting like nothing is wrong. Victory is acknowledging and facing the battle, and reaching out for the help you need to win it.

I beg you, my friend, don't let a social stigma about anything hold you back from reaching for the help you need.