Five Powerful Words to Say to Your Husband Today

Ask him this today.

All five of these words together.

It's so basic. But it's so needed.

And you might not have done it in a long time.

And he needs to hear it.

Here goes:  "Want to make love tonight?"

He wants to hear this question.

And he wants you to follow through.

Really follow through.

And if he says just as excited as he is about it.

He wants you to connect with him.

And if you connect more than once, it's all the better.

And if you look into his eyes and refuse to allow any other thought to distract you and stay focused on the two of you connecting, it'll be other-worldly.

Try it. He'll love it.

I promise. 

 *My husband will probably read this post and say, "Awesome of you to post this when you're away on a ministry trip, Deanna!" Don't worry babe, I'll ask you the question when I get home. :)