What's The Secret To Overcoming a Disappointment?

Are you disappointed?

Feeling like you don't know if you can handle one more let down?

Permission to encourage?

Truth:  I get disappointed every day.

Really. In some way, I get let down every single day. Today I counted twice, once on a small issue, another time on a big one.

Sometimes I think people read blogs or watch people from afar and they think they lead relatively disappointment-free lives. I was preaching one time and in giving an illustration said, "One day when I was feeling depressed..." and went on to tell a story. At the close of the message a woman came running up and said, "You get depressed? I never imagined that..."

Reality is that every person including myself faces disappointments. Nobody is exempt.

What's my secret?

I keep going.

This week I was telling one of my career coaching clients the importance of going forward. He said, "Ummmmm...what choice do I have?"

I told him, "Well, to be honest, I've seen a lot of people quit. Some people don't keep going. They either give up on their hopes or their dreams and sometimes they give up their very lives."

Everyone doesn't keep going. But the victory goes to the one who never quits.

Keep going.