What Was Your Reaction on 9/11?

Anyone who is old enough to remember what they were doing when they found out about the 9/11 tragedies has a story to tell.

Larry was at the church office and I was at home with Savanna. He called to tell me about the first plane hitting the tower. I turned on the TV and then saw the rest unfold. 

I called my sister, Kim. She had no idea. They turned on the TV at her work and everyone was in disbelief. She was crying. I was crying.

Once the news came about the Pentagon, I laid on the floor at my house, buried my face in the carpet and began praying.

It was only God's grace that carried any of us through that day and the days ahead.

September 11 forever changed everything. A new normal came.

Grace carries us through our new  normal.

What was 9/11 like for you personally?